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IT staffing challengesIt’s no surprise that the job market for technology workers looks bright at the beginning of 2013. A survey last month by an online resume site reported that more than 64% of 1,000 hiring managers were planning to beef up strategic IT staffing during the first half of 2013.

Most of the sought-after skills for IT staffing were no surprise, either.  Among the highest-demand IT staffing jobs are:

  • Android developer
  • iPad developer
  • Enterprise application developer
  • Web application developer

In fact, IT staffing choices reflect the challenges that large IT organizations face as they retool and re-think the way they are delivering IT services. Forrester Research says that mobile technology remains the driving force behind much IT staffing this year, because offering 24/7 mobile access to all the applications and online services available throughout the enterprise requires significant changes to back-office IT systems, security, and network infrastructure.

“Organizations need not think that embracing mobile requires a costly and complete overhaul of existing IT infrastructure,” Forrester says.  For most companies it’s about making smart choices about application provision and workload management – that that means improving strategic IT staffing.

While most of the top jobs recruiters are trying to fill come as no surprise, one job title that might surprise some are qualified mainframe programmers who combine expertise in legacy systems with cutting-edge skills. Government agencies, Fortune 100 financial institutions, and large airlines are leading the charge to identify and hire these multi-skilled IT professions.

Large organizations are finding that mainframes are great platforms to host mobile and cloud-based apps, so while the mainframe computers aren’t going away, the programmers who know how to manage and update them are reaching retirement age. So many organizations are on the lookout for a talented enterprise application developer who can work with mainframes and double as a Web application developer, Android developer, or iPad developer.

Strategic IT staffing this year means finding talent who have the technology skills that businesses need, as well as the personal skills to make them good team players. This means that entry-level talent need more than a bachelor’s degree and a passing familiarity with advanced skills.  Younger professionals also need to be able to demonstrate core skills like creativity, self-motivation, and an understanding of the business requirements behind technology projects.

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