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IT spending is big business.  How big?  Forrester Research projects that by the end of this year, spending on IT services will hit $3.8 trillion, with projected growth of 8.3% in 2013.  Gartner Research says that 350 U.S. firms will each invest more than $1 billion in IT during 2013.

What’s driving this spending trend?  Much of the money is going towards the big four: cloud, mobile, social, and data analytics. Even as spending on hardware and software grows, companies remain cautious about hiring full-time, permanent employees.

IT staff are being asked to design and develop new applications, support and upgrade existing infrastructure, and keep up with new technologies.  No wonder we’re constantly being asked to find highly skilled IT professionals with expertise in project management, analytics, and development – especially developers who can step in on short notice to help IT departments meet enterprise mobile, social networking and data center/warehousing requirements.

Who’s in Demand

We’ve been recruiting top professionals with the seven most in demand skills – and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.  The most in-demand IT personnel for 2013 are:

  • Mobile app developers
  • Data warehouse analysts
  • User experience product designers
  • Virtualization/Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Collaboration workflow
  • Computer systems manufacturers
  • Social media/Internet

Where The Jobs Are

Although we provide on-demand staffing solutions for telecom, finance & banking, retail, pharmaceutical, energy/utility, transportation, healthcare/insurance, and manufacturing companies around the U.S., the biggest growth in demand for IT professionals in 2013 is in these geographic areas:

  • San Francisco Bay area / Silicon Valley
  • New York (due to startups fueled by available venture capital)
  • Dallas
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • Austin

How to Find Top Talent

Yes, unemployment rates are still high. But the search for qualified IT talent is more difficult than ever.  Why?  Because the individuals with the skills you need are usually the ones who are still working – or those who live outside your area.

It isn’t always easy to determine if an applicant is actually qualified for the job. Many supervisors and HR departments are wary of giving a negative reference, and will only confirm dates of employment, title, and a vague salary range. If the person is currently working, and has asked that you not contact his or her current employer, it can be nearly impossible to gauge their skills if the interviewing manager isn’t an expert in the same technical field.

For instance, if your company is hiring its first developer for a new PaaS initiative, how can you be sure that the applicant you’re interviewing is actually knowledgeable about platform-as-a-service requirements?

This, of course, is why so many companies turn to InfoVision for help in screening and acquiring top talent. Whether you’re looking for supplemental staffing to deliver a business application or new platform without increasing permanent IT department costs, or recruiting for a new team member, the right staffing partner can make the process much faster and eliminate potentially devastating hiring mistakes.

Evaluating a Staffing Solutions Partner

Whether you need help for a data center, a project manager for a new initiative, or a skilled application developer, finding the right partner to help with the search is just as important as finding the right candidate to hire.

And sometimes, hiring someone to work on-site in your offices may not be as cost-effective as working with a resource development organization (RDO) that can deliver a turn-key solution from an on or off-shore development lab.

How do you evaluate a staffing solutions partner for on-demand or permanent staffing help?  Look for a partner who offers:

  • Domain Expertise:  Expertise in YOUR industry, and YOUR business issue – a specialist, not a generalist.
  • Track Record:  Proven, verifiable track record delivering solutions for companies like yours.
  • Value:  Quality resources, competitive cost, and excellent service resulting in maximum savings for you.
  • Testimonials:  Excellent testimonials and referrals from clients and employees.
  • Management: Highly accessible and flexible executive team to promptly resolve any issues.

With U.S. offices in Boston, Dallas, Frisco, Mountain View, and Tampa, and RDO teams in the U.S. and Indian, InfoVision has the nationwide recruiting reach and management team to deliver excellent service to clients across the U.S.  Contact us today to discuss your 2013 staffing needs – or, if you’re an IT professional seeking your next great opportunity, visit the Careers page on our website.

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