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University of Texas Gets Collaboration Tools from InfoVision and VirtualE3D

RICHARDSON, TX – April 8, 2002 InfoVision and VirtualE3D, leading international software development and engineering services consulting firms, today took another step in advancing the emerging field of visual collaboration for engineering design. These two companies announced that they have donated VCollab™ software and licenses to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington, enabling students and faculty to work with leading-edge tools for visualizing and interacting with large CAD and CAE models.

“There are several advantages to using these tools provided by InfoVision and VirtualE3D,” said T.C. Yih, mechanical engineering professor and head of the Mechatronics and BEMS (Bio-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Laboratory at UTA. “Our students will gain valuable hands-on time and design experience with this innovative software and it will increase their ability to get the jobs they really want.”

“We are honored to be working with Dr. Yih and appreciate the opportunity to contribute these advanced visualization tools to the engineering laboratory at the university,” said Sean Yalamanchi, president of InfoVision. “Using VCollab technology, every engineering student in the lab can have tools on their desktop that allow them to visually collaborate in the design of a product, working much as they might in a corporate design team. This will give them real-world experience with the latest engineering design tools.”

The Mechatronics and BEMS Laboratory is a multidisciplinary integration of mechanical, electrical, biomedical and computer science engineering and health services. The lab focuses on design and manufacture of medical/clinical devices and instrumentation.

“We were searching for a university program that we could team with to explore areas to customize our products to new technologies and conduct evaluation research,” said Raman Kovelamudi, co-founder and Vice President of InfoVision. “Then I thought about my alma mater. We found the program and people we were looking for right here in the DFW area. We’re very excited in working with UTA, especially in the nanotechnology areas.”

VCollab™ was developed by VirtualE3D, a company founded by Kovelamudi, Yalamanchi and Prasad Mandava, CEO of VirtualE3D. They also founded InfoVision Consultants, Inc. The companies’ work together closely on marketing, development and implementation of engineering software and services.

VCollab is marketed to industries such as aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, bio and nano technology markets and allows several users to simultaneously view and make adjustments to virtual reality designs and simulations with real-time results. VCollab enables students to take advantage of the wealth of 3D models, from molecules to physics, from insects to aircraft, available free on the Web. They can download, analyze and experience the kinematics of aircraft landing gear, the movements of the human heart or the airflow around a new car design. Using VCollab, the students can do things like dissect the 3D data using the dynamic sectioning function, activate behaviors or create their own simulations.

VCollab is an excellent visualization tool in the area of nano technology and it helps one to visualize, walkthrough, dissect and study the MEMS models in real time in immersive mode.

VCollab allows companies using expensive CAD, CFD, CRASH and CAE tools to visually collaborate with all the 3D engineering data under one common neutral platform. This offers companies productivity and cost savings by allowing complete product development teams across the product life cycle to see and experience the product before it is manufactured.

VCollab™ software enables distributed engineering product development teams to visualize, analyze, improve and collaborate with any 3D content independent of the CAD and CAE source. Using VCollab™, designers working in a heterogeneous CAD environment can load and study large assemblies and find clashes among parts dynamically. Assembly teams can study assembly sequences while maintenance teams can use VCollab™ to assess the ease of maintenance of the product.

VCollab™ works with various display systems to enhance visualization and provide users a complete visual environment for digital mock-up and virtual prototyping. VCollab™ can read in a variety of CAD and CAE data, and it has been tested with data from CATIA™, IDEAS™, UniGraphics™, Pro/E™, SolidWorks™, Ansys™ and Dynamic Designer™.

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