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VirtualE3D Brings Engineering Design Projects to Life Virtually on the Elumens VisionStation

RICHARDSON, TX – January 03, 2002 – VirtualE3D today announced TruView Pro, a visual collaboration tool that enables engineering product development teams to visualize, analyze and collaborate with any 3D content using the Elumens VisionStation series of products. VirtualE3D is a leading engineering and software services company, and Elumens Corporation is the industry leader in hemispherical 3D visualization systems.

VirtualE3D was founded by the same IT professionals who founded InfoVision Consultants, Inc. The companies work together closely on marketing, development and implementation of engineering software and services.

TruView Pro, targeted for industries such as aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, consumer goods, electrical and electronic markets, allows companies using expensive CAD, CFD, CRASH, CAE and various other engineering design and analysis tools, to visually collaborate with all the 3D engineering data under one common neutral platform. This offers companies tremendous productivity and cost savings by allowing complete product development teams across the product life cycle to see and experience the product before it is manufactured.

TruView Pro, along with the VisionStation will bring down the cost and time of setting Virtual Reality centers,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VirtualE3D. “With our technology, every engineer in the company can have this tool on their desktop, allowing them to participate in the design of the product much earlier in the lifecycle which increases productivity.

The VisionStation envelops users with a dramatic 180 degree field of view, creating a feeling of realism that is ideal for product engineering design teams,” said Gordon J. Galloway, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Elumens. “By bundling VirtualE3D’s visual collaboration software with our visualization system,we are enabling users to experience and evaluate the designs in 3D like never before.

About TruView Pro TruView Pro is the only tool that facilitates 3D visualization of CAD, CFD, CRASH, CAE data in a single integrated platform along with the option of immersion into the data. The software has been successfully tested for importing VRML data from CATIA V4, CATIA V5, UG, IDEAS, PRO/E, SOLID WORKS, MICRO STATION, MDT, DYNAMIC DESIGNER and ANSYS.
TruView Pro is designed to work especially with Elumens’ VisionStations and will be bundled with Elumens VisionStations, effective immediately.

About Elumens
As information becomes more complex, there is a need to have it portrayed in a more natural, accurate, and realistic manner for better comprehension and decision-making. Elumens Corporation is the leader in developing and delivering easy-to-use solutions that make the proper communication and presentation of digital information possible. Examples of digital information are 3D graphics, video, computer-aided design, real-time applications and animation. TruTheta® spherical imaging technology has been developed to maximize the impact of data used for the purpose of visualization. Elumens is dedicated to continuously improve upon the functionality, affordability and customer satisfaction of their offerings. Visit the Elumens website at www.elumens.com.

About VirtualE3D
VirtualE3D is an engineering software and services company specializing in digital enterprise solutions. The company’s core competency lies in providing Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) services to various industries. This includes 2D-to-3D Conversion, 3D Modeling, 3D Web, CAD Translators, CAD Customization, Design and Analysis, Visualization and Simulation, Digital Mockups and Virtual Prototyping, and Product Data Management. VirtualE3D’s business models include consulting, outsourcing, and product development. The company is located in Bangalore, India and Richardson, Texas. Visit VirtualE3D’s website at www.virtuale3d.com.

About InfoVision Consultants, Inc
InfoVision Consultants, Inc. is a global software and engineering services company specializing in contract services, outsourcing, and offshore development centers. InfoVision was founded in 1995 with its corporate head-quarters in Richardson, TX. InfoVision’s clients include such notable companies as Alliance Data systems, BankOne, Bayer, CitiGroup, EDS, Enovia, GE, Marconi, NEC, Qwest, RadioShack, Sabre, Samsung, Sterling Commerce, TIBCO, Verizon and Weatherill Associates.

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