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VirtualE3D Displays Visual Collaboration Software at PLM World

ORLANDO, FL – April 29, 2002 VirtualE3D, developers of VCollab visual collaboration software, announced today that it has joined the PLM World Partner Program, bringing visual collaboration capabilities to EDS PLM Solutions software users. The company is demonstrating its innovative VCollabTM visual collaboration software in booth #19 at the PLM World 2002 Conference today through May 3.

“VCollab enables all the product design and development teams across the product life cycle to visualize, analyze, experience and improve the virtual product before it is manufactured,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VirtualE3D. “This collaboration offers companies increased productivity and cost savings.”

VirtualE3D, a CAD/CAE/VR services and software products company has immense experience in high end CAD services and product design and development services. Customers include GE Transportation Systems, Alibre, Gulf Aero, DaimlerChrysler, GE Medical, Aeronautical Development Agency and many more. VirtualE3D’s CAD experience spans many industries, including aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, telecom and consumer goods. The company has also developed CAD /CAE data translation and data visualization tools (VCollab, VMove, Vload) which are extensively used by aerospace, automotive and other heavy engineering customers.

VCollab software enables distributed engineering product development teams to visualize, analyze, improve and collaborate with any 3D content independent of the CAD source. VCollab can be described as a light-weight but high performance immersive VRML viewer application. VCollab is a tool for designers as well as non-designers. Designers can not only use VCollab to check the form and fit of large assemblies or digital mock ups but can also use VCollab to share, distribute or convey their designs to the manufacturing teams. VCollab has no modeling overheads and is an easy to use tool for non-designers. Non�designers can use VCollab as a tool to evaluate the 3D designs made by designers and provide their feedback before even cutting the metal. Using VCollab, designers working in a heterogeneous CAD environment can load and study large assemblies and find clashes among parts dynamically. Assembly teams can study assembly sequences while maintenance teams can use VCollab to assess the ease of maintenance of the product.

One of the significant features of VCollab is that users do not need to invest in a 3rd party translator for every CAD system they want to connect to. As every 3D authoring system exports data into VRML, VCollab has a powerful VRML loader which takes care of any 3D data translations. In many cases, users waste a great deal of time and money in making these 3rd party translators work.

VCollab allows companies using engineering design and analysis tools to visually collaborate with all the 3D engineering data on one, common, neutral platform.

“This partnership gives us a competitive edge by effectively and efficiently identifying qualified prospects, as well as strengthening our existing customer base,” said Mandava. “This offers us a broader base of visual collaboration users that will now be able to benefit from our virtual software solutions.”

About VirtualE3D
VirtualE3D is an engineering software and services company specializing in digital enterprise solutions. The company’s core competency lies in providing product life cycle management (PLM) services to various industries. This includes 2D-to-3D conversion, 3D modeling, 3D Web tools, CAD translators, CAD customization, design and analysis, visualization and simulation, digital mockups and virtual prototyping, and product data management. VirtualE3D’s business models include consulting, outsourcing, and product development. The company is located in Bangalore, India and Richardson, Texas. VirtualE3D was founded by the same IT professionals who founded InfoVision Consultants, Inc. Visit VirtualE3D’s website at www.virtuale3d.com.

About PLM World
PLM World is an independent, federally chartered 501 (c) (6) not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to be the Voice of the User in providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas within the EDS product environment. Citizenship is open to users of EDS Unigraphics, Metaphase, I-DEAS and iMAN software.

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