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VirtualE3D Offers SGI Customers VCollab to Enable Visual Prototyping

RICHARDSON, TX – (BUSINESS WIRE) March 4, 2002 VirtualE3D today announced two products for SGI(R) platforms — VCollab(TM), a visual prototyping tool, and VMove(TM), a dedicated translator that converts CATIA V4 data into SGI(R) Open Inventor(TM) format.

VCollab is a high performance visual prototyping tool that leverages the power of SGI(R) Onyx(R) systems and OpenGL Optimizer(TM) to help users load and study large assemblies from any CAD system at good frame rates. VMove(TM) enables developers working on the SGI(R) IRIX(R) operating system-based platforms to easily import large assemblies from CATIA V4 into a variety of engineering design applications developed on top of OpenGL Optimizer(TM), Open Inventor(TM) and OpenGL Performer(TM).

VirtualE3D, a leading engineering and software services company, also announced that they have joined the SGI(R) Developer Plus program.
“VMove enables developers to easily import CATIA V4 data into the SGI environment,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VirtualE3D. “Then they can take advantage of the power of our VCollab software to load, visualize and interact with large CAD and CAE models on SGI systems as well as Windows OS-based platforms. Using this technology, every engineer in the company can have tools on their desktop that allow them to participate in the design of the product much earlier in the lifecycle, increasing productivity and saving costs.”

“SGI and VirtualE3D are working together to provide versatile, innovative visual prototyping capabilities that leverage the power of SGI platforms,” said Anneke Dempsey, director of Global Alliances for SGI. “VMove and VCollab offer an effective way for developers to work with large CAD and CAE models using SGI technology.”

VMove(TM) and VCollab(TM) are marketed to industries such as aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, consumer goods, electrical and electronic markets. The software allows companies using expensive CAD, CFD, CRASH and CAE tools to visually collaborate with all the 3D engineering data under one common neutral platform. This offers companies productivity and cost savings by allowing complete product development teams across the product life cycle to see and experience the product before it is manufactured.

VCollab(TM) software enables distributed engineering product development teams to visualize, analyze, improve and collaborate with any 3D content independent of the CAD and CAE source. VCollab(TM) is built on SGI’s industry standard CAD API OpenGL Optimizer(TM). VMove(TM) converts CATIA models into Open Inventor(TM) format, and then VCollab(TM) reads the data and allows users to visualize, analyze and interact with the models. Using VCollab(TM), designers working in a heterogeneous CAD environment can load and study large assemblies and find clashes among parts dynamically. Assembly teams can study assembly sequences while maintenance teams can use VCollab(TM) to assess the ease of maintenance of the product.

VCollab(TM), together with SGI(R) Onyx(R) systems, works with various display systems to enhance visualization and provide users a complete visual environment for digital mock-up and virtual prototyping. With its VRML 1.0 and 2.0 loaders, VCollab(TM) can read in a variety of CAD and CAE data. It has been tested with data from CATIA(TM), IDEAS(TM), UniGraphics(TM), Pro/E(TM), SolidWorks(TM), Ansys(TM) and Dynamic Designer(TM).

About VirtualE3D
VirtualE3D is an engineering software and services company specializing in digital enterprise solutions and was founded by the same IT professionals who founded InfoVision Consultants, Inc. The companies work together closely on marketing, development and implementation of engineering software and services. VirtualE3D’s core competency lies in providing Product Life Cycle Management services to various industries. This includes 2D-to-3D Conversion, 3D Modeling, 3D Web, CAD Translators, CAD Customization, Design and Analysis, Visualization and Simulation, Digital Mockups and Virtual Prototyping, and Product Data Management. VirtualE3D’s businesses include consulting, outsourcing and product development. The company is located in Bangalore, India and Richardson, Texas. Visit VirtualE3D’s website at www.virtuale3d.com.

About InfoVision Consultants, Inc.
InfoVision Consultants, Inc. is a global software and engineering services company specializing in contract services, outsourcing and offshore development centers. InfoVision was founded in 1995 with its corporate headquarters in Richardson, TX. InfoVision’s clients include such companies as Alliance Data systems, BankOne, Bayer, CitiGroup, EDS, Enovia, GE, Marconi, NEC, Qwest, RadioShack, Sabre, Samsung, Sterling Commerce, TIBCO, Verizon and Weatherill Associates. For more information, contact InfoVision 972/234-0058; fax 972/234-5732; www.infovision.net.

About SGI
Celebrating its 20th year, SGI, also known as Silicon Graphics, is the world’s leading provider of high-performance computing, complex data management and visualization products, services and solutions that enable its technical and creative customers to gain strategic and competitive advantages in their core businesses. Whether being used to design and build safer cars and airplanes, discover new medications and oil reserves, predict the weather, entertain us with thrilling movie special effects or provide mission-critical support for government and defense, SGI systems and expertise are empowering a world of innovation and discovery. The company, located on the Web at www.sgi.com, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has offices worldwide.

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