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Case Study: Operations Support System (OSS) / Business Support System (BSS)
Starting in about 2002, we helped our client develop the concept of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), one that seamlessly integrates over 200 critical customer-service life-cycle services covering Ordering, Provisioning, Service Provisioning, Service Management and Billing. During the following three years, and continuing, we prototyped the concept for the client, piloted it, and deployed it for the client across its major business units. Using the SOA, the client’s IT organization is able to rapidly integrate disparate systems acquired through mergers and acquisitions, while utilizing a common business-flow-execution-engine for its customer-service organization. As a result of this initiative, our client has been able to serve an ever growing size of user base with a rapidly expanding suite of offerings in voice, data, iptv, video and internet, all while moving towards a instant-activation-of-service experience for its own customers…
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Case Study: Automation Of Bankruptcy Notification
Information regarding bankruptcies is vital to managing business risk in a financial institution, especially if it is currently conducting business with the bankrupt entity. Gaining access to bankruptcy notification data soon after a declaration, updating all appropriate records, and informing internal decision-makers expeditiously regarding the bankruptcy are all critical. We assisted one of the largest financial institutions in the world automate the entire process in record time, working closely with the client’s technical and business-process specialists, replacing a capability that was once a manual process; not to mention the reduction in risk, speeding-up of information dissemination and significant savings in at-risk funds…
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Case Study: Auto-Loans Portfolio Risk Management
The automobile industry is one of the biggest drivers of the United States economy and is among its most competitive. The ease with which an automobile can be leased or purchased today, belies a highly complex system of financial and business checks and balances occurring in the background…
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Case Study: Phase II and III Clinical Trials – Process Design, Analysis and Support
Pharmaceutical firms invest billions of dollars in successfully introducing a new drug into the market, involving several stages of discovery, validation and testing. These are broadly categorized into Phases I through IV. Once the initial safety of the therapy has been confirmed in Phase I trials, Phase II trials are performed on larger groups (20-300) and are designed to assess clinical efficacy of the therapy; as well as to continue Phase I assessments in a larger group of volunteers and patients…
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Case Study: Phase IV Post-marketing Biometrics Support
Phase IV trials involve the post-launch safety surveillance and ongoing technical support of a drug following its release to the marketplace. Post-launch safety surveillance is designed to detect any rare or long-term adverse effects over a much larger patient population and timescale than was possible during the initial clinical trials. InfoVision assisted one of the industry leaders in finding, developing, and bringing to market new medicines and related products for persistent pain, with post-marketing studies of a multi-billion dollar blockbuster drug…
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Case Study: Integration Of ERP And PLM Environments For A Global Auto Maker
We enhanced the customer service capabilities of one of the largest automobile makers in the world by seamlessly integrating the different Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) systems involved in management of various parts inventory data and determination of a required part, and the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems that manage relationships with various original and after-market parts manufacturers. Service technicians were able to serve customers better, regardless of the vintage of the automobile or the specific need. Our work spanned both the United States and Europe locations of our client…
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Case Study: Enhancement Of 3D Visualization And Integration In A PDM And PLM Environment For A Global Transportation Engineering Leader
High performance, mission-critical transportation engines in aircrafts, ships and trains require extreme precision, down to an individual component. The advent of three dimensional (3D) visualization has made it possible for engineers to apply precision across all phases of an engine’s life cycle -from concept, to design, to development, to testing, to quality assurance…
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Case Study: SAS based Business Model for movement and sale of DVD’s
The convergence of media, entertainment and technology is driving continuous innovation and business model changes in related industries. Providers of content and services are continually transforming their value-proposition to ensure ongoing competitiveness…
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Case Study: Customer Satisfaction Survey Data Analysis For A Global Retailer
Leading companies stay on top of their industry by staying on top of the metrics associated with their business. By constantly monitoring the key performance indicators (KPI’s), they are able to analyze their performance to discern trends before they become visible opportunities or threats. They rely on measurements techniques and data analysis technologies…
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Case Study: Flight-Crew and Gate-Operations Reporting System
Passenger airlines rely very heavily on computerized systems for every facet of their operational life cycle. Combining our knowledge of the Air Passenger Transportation industry and our expertise in data management, business intelligence and reporting, InfoVision helped one of the world’s leading providers of Computer Reservation Systems for the airline industry in improving various management reporting capabilities of the reservation system…
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