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Auto-Loans Portfolio Risk Management

Industry Vertical: Finance / Banking

Executive Summary

The automobile industry is one of the biggest drivers of the United States economy and is among its most competitive. The ease with which an automobile can be leased or purchased today, belies a highly complex system of financial and business checks and balances occurring in the background.

We assisted one of the industry leaders in providing financial services to the automobile segment maintain and grow its market-dominant position. Driving our client’s ability is a complex decision-support capability that bring together information regarding a buyer applicant, the vehicle, the dealer, and the manufacturer and provides the decision-makers within the company the ability to make quick decisions within pre-established risk and profitability parameters. We assisted our client with development of this capability utilizing data mining, business intelligence and related expertise and tools from SAS.

Our Client

Our client is a Fortune 500 company and is a global diversified financial services provider, offering a broad array of credit, savings and loan products to customers in North America and Europe. In the automobile financing segment, the company has a dominant position and is a market leader.

Our Client’s Need

The client’s business objectives required that an application for an automobile loan is processed and a decision returned to the applicant in the shortest time possible. In order to turn-around an application quickly, the client’s internal process needed to seamlessly integrate the required due diligence, background checks, history verification and compliance adherence.

Specifically, the decision-support application used by the client needed to (a) assemble the required data from multiple sources, (b) extract specific subsets /segments of data for analysis, (c) perform analysis based on a combination of pre-set and ad-hoc parameters and (d) generate results in visual and printed format.
These results would form the basis for the decisions made by the client’s loan-officers.

How InfoVision Helped
Working with the client’s business analysts and Information Technology specialists, InfoVision fine-tuned the existing process, streamlining all key process steps. Using Data extraction, Data mining and Business Intelligence technologies, the InfoVision team enhanced the overall effectiveness of the decision-process.

Leveraging our strategic alliance with SAS and our deep expertise in SAS solution deployments, we were able to integrate all the critical solution-steps within an SAS framework, while leveraging the powerful features of the SAS suite.

We continue to support our client with ongoing improvements to the solution, additional features required to address the client’s rapid market growth and advanced analytics to support new loan-instruments introduced by the client in the marketplace.

Client Benefit

InfoVision helped our client Improve
(a) Ability to turn-around loan decisions faster
(b) Accuracy of analysis regarding each decision, and
(c) Risk Management of its growing auto-loans portfolio.

InfoVision provides IT staffing solutions, SAS-powered information delivery, visualization & collaboration, and wireless & IP communications. Contact InfoVision for more information on our integrated value delivery model.

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