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Flight-Crew and Gate-Operations Reporting System

Industry Vertical: Transportation

Executive Summary

Passenger airlines rely very heavily on computerized systems for every facet of their operational life cycle. Combining our knowledge of the Air Passenger Transportation industry and our expertise in data management, business intelligence and reporting, InfoVision helped one of the world’s leading providers of Computer Reservation Systems for the airline industry in improving various management reporting capabilities of the reservation system.

Our Client

Our client is a S&P 500 company, with over $2 billion in annual revenues, the industry leader in airline operations technology, and the only company that provides a complete portfolio across the spectrum of airline operations. These include Hosted Systems for passenger management, Optimization Solutions for decision support and Specialized Consulting. More than 170 airlines worldwide use these for their flight operations systems. Nine out the top 10 airlines use at least one of our client’s planning and scheduling products. Over 200 customers use its portfolio of software solutions for decision-support tools to streamline and simplify operations, increase revenue and improve enhance customer loyalty. The company has offices worldwide.

Our Client’s Need

In its desire to continually improve services to its own customers, our client had identified the need for several technical and non-technical enhancements to its hosted systems. Among these were the ability to quickly brand a solution for a customer and to tailor reports generated by the Hosted System to suit each customer’s preferred format. Our client wanted these capabilities to be seamlessly integrated into its existing Hosted System environment and for these to be readily available to all its customers.

How InfoVision Helped

Working under the supervision of our client’s IT organization, InfoVision team leveraged its expertise in Crystal Reports, a leading report generation software, to design and build several report templates’, each for a specific purpose. These templates were programmed to be easily customizable to accommodate the needs of an airline customer. Further, the InfoVision team created a suite of templates related to (a) Crew Management (b) Flight Operations (c) Dining and Cabin Services and (d) Crew Scheduling. These templates were part of a library of such templates, ready to be rapidly tailored to meet the need’s of our client’s customers.

Client Benefit
InfoVision‘s work made it possible for our client to (a) Enhance the appeal of its own solutions, and (b) Better satisfy the needs of its customers.

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