We combine innovative approach with strategic expertise and operational intelligence in our media centre of excellence to ensure that you get holistic support to improve your PR impact and achieve corporate reputation objectives. We can work with you side by side to understand your objectives, how you are driving your PR strategy to achieve them, and then recommend custom metrices to measure the performance against the objectives. Our centre of excellence will help you drive your corporate communications in the right direction and make it scalable for growth.

PR Expertise

Measure the unified impact of your PR efforts.

There won’t be any blind spots in your message journey anymore! Instead, you can track the efficacy of the message through the different stages of its journey. Our MCOE will empower you to:

  • Make effective changes to your PR strategies
  • Track the performance of your PR with unified impact score
  • Verify if your strategies are meeting the objectives or not

Our MMI Methodology

Integrating data with technology and human intelligence.

To establish relevance in today’s information overload age, we combine data with technology and human intelligence. Our best-in-class technology allows us to:

  • Capture the most relevant data
  • Monitor quality over quantity
  • Measure customized metrices that matter
  • We apply human intelligence to most relevant data to build context that brings out hidden insights.


Measure metrics that matter.

Every company has a different agenda when it comes to corporate reputation. Using standard measurements to track the progress may be inadequate and even inaccurate. We develop customized metrices that give you a more realistic picture of the impact your PR is making against the goals set.

  • We understand what your objectives are
  • Analyze how you are trying to achieve them
  • Recommend metrices to track performance and compare against the objective

Custom Metrics Defined for Your Corporate Communications Strategy

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