The expectations from the communication professionals have changed. Emergence and convergence of media requires you to be agile and adaptable. You also need to be efficient with PR budgets. Every single dollar spent needs to be justified with ROI.

We offer exhaustive analysis and measurement of print, social, online, and broadcast media in a customized and easy-to-grasp manner. You can discover trends and topics worth leveraging for your brand and quantify the performance of your PR activities through visual representations. You also get insights that are data driven and actionable.

Metrics that Matter

Measure quality over quantity,

Do not get bogged down by qualitative and quantitative analysis that do not matter. Instead get tangible measurement of the PR efforts. Get measurements on:

  • Message Congruence
  • Sentiment of your target audience
  • Virality indices of traditional media stories into social media or vice-versa

Meaningful Insights

Actionable insights to drive better business decision making.

Data can be just that unless accompanied by analysis and insights. We provide meaningful insights that are driven by measurements and objectives set for the communication. The insights can:

  • Drive right action at the right time
  • Make you proactive rather than reactive

Multilingual Capability

Multilingual monitoring in 40+ global languages.

Your brand has a global presence? We deliver multilingual monitoring in 40+ languages across disparate media sources. We navigate the nuances of local languages across different regions to disseminate your brand’s mentions in a translated business language.


We combine innovative approach with strategic expertise and operational intelligence in our media centre of excellence to ensure that you get holistic support to improve your PR impact and achieve corporate reputation objectives. We can work with you side by side to understand your objectives, how you are driving your PR strategy to achieve them, and then recommend custom metrices to measure the performance against the objectives. Our centre of excellence will help you drive your corporate communications in the right direction and make it scalable for growth.

PR Expertise

Measure the unified impact of your PR efforts.

There won’t be any blind spots in your message journey anymore! Instead, you can track the efficacy of the message through the different stages of its journey. Our MCOE will empower you to:

  • Make effective changes to your PR strategies
  • Track the performance of your PR with unified impact score
  • Verify if your strategies are meeting the objectives or not


Measure metrics that matter.

Every company has a different agenda when it comes to corporate reputation. Using standard measurements to track the progress may be inadequate and even inaccurate. We develop customized metrices that give you a more realistic picture of the impact your PR is making against the goals set.

  • We understand what your objectives are
  • Analyze how you are trying to achieve them
  • Recommend metrices to track performance and compare against the objective

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