Celebrating 25 Years of Creating Growth & Value

They say great journeys start with one decision and a single step. Our journey of 25 years has been a testament to this. Back in 1995, our founders decided to address the very real business problems of the dotcom era. With that decision, InfoVision was born!

During the early days, InfoVision helped businesses ride the dotcom revolution by offering them strategic resources with the right mix of talent and knowledge. This became the foundation of strong client relationships of future.

With time, we added IT solutions to our repository. We soon became the IT solutions provider to Fortune 500 brands. Our technology solutions include:

  • Automation & RPA
  • IoT
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Product Development

We took on the challenge of developing custom IT solutions that addressed very unique problems for our clients and helped them with their growth plans.

We were recognized for the value we bring to our clients. We won accolades like MBN 100 List, Dallas Top 100 fastest growing companies, and Tech Titan Fast 50 Award. But we were not done yet. In fact, we were just getting started!

With the roll of next decade, we realized that businesses were inundated with solutions. But the strategic utilization of these solutions in a cohesive manner was missing. The emerging digital age was changing the customers and their expectations. This was the era of disruption and we donned the hat of a digital transformation partner.

Today, we work with our clients helping them preempt the disruptive forces and prepare for them. As a digital transformation partner:

  • We help them connect with their digital customers better
  • Transform their traditional business models
  • Optimize IT investments
  • Achieve operational excellence

We are now a global brand with 1000+ people across multiple locations. We operate 10 centres of excellence that have redefined service delivery for Fortune 500 companies.

Our experience has also got us into advisory board of CompTIA where we help companies make strategic technology decisions. As the board advisor, we help companies adopt innovative technologies, design new age business models, and prepare a connected ecosystem.

We are no longer just a solution provider but also a strategic consultant partner that demystifies the concept of digital transformation and creates a custom roadmap.

After 25 years, we are proud to say that we are still guided by our original vision of addressing real business problems. As we start the next leg of our journey, this vision will only make us stronger.

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