26 April, 2019

@Hyatt Place Dallas/Las Colinas, Dallas

Event Overview

As the industry stands on the cusp of the new frontiers, leaders are looking at AI and RPA as the disruptive forces that will redefine business as we know today. They will redefine operations, supply chains, inventories, brand engagement, and customer experience in unprecedented ways. How prepared is your industry to address these changes? How prepared are you as an organization? 

Join us at AI, RPA, and Cognitive Summit on March 22, 2019 at Dallas as we engage with leaders who are at the forefront of these upcoming tectonic changes. We create a platform for them to share their experience with these cutting-edge technologies and their thoughts of what to expect. They will touch upon key aspects like how these technologies will impact bottom-line, how product and service enterprises should leverage these technologies, and what can be expected in terms of ROI from the investments. They will also discuss burning topics of threat to jobs due to robotics, loss of control, and data privacy issues in AI world. 

So, join us at the summit to ensure you are on top of the trends as these technologies shape the future of the industry and are prepared for the challenges. 

Be a part of the conversation, be a part of the vision. 

Topic Spotlight

Digital AI & RPA Journey: Where Are We Headed

Cognitive Automation & RPA

Beyond RPA: The Next Intelligent Automation

Variety of Cognitive Automation


Rajesh Patil

RPA Practice Advisor (RPM)-Automation


Ritesh Jhawar



Prashanth N

Principal Director – Artificial Intelligence lead for Southwest


Rick Ratliff

Director –
Digital Engineering


Chitrai Selvakumar Mani

VP, Digital Transformation


John Bree

SVP & Partner


Brad Nelson

VP – Business Operations



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