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Rapid Rise of Retail Cloud Computing
Rapid Rise of Retail Cloud Computing
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In the modern retail ecosystem where the consumer is in control of the marketing channels, cloud based contact center can offer your retail business a solution to connect to the consumers across multiple touch points. Cloud based service offerings can not only enhance omnichannel experience, but also streamline data flow and optimize your computing operations.

Efficient and Transparent Retail Operation

Cloud computing in retail allows retailers to manage, store, and analyse data through a server hosted over the internet. As more and more enterprise applications move to the cloud, it can be safely said that cloud computing is quietly transforming the retail ecosystem. The industry is becoming more competitive every day. Retailers are realising the need to expand their reach by opening multiple stores. They have to rely more on real-time insights to manage supply chains. Cloud computing services can reduce cost, improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Key Drivers of Cloud Computing in Retail

The accelerated implementation of cloud computing in retail is attributed to several factors:

  • Faster Implementation of Functionality: Time is money in retail. IT team has realised the importance of speed in deploying a new e-commerce solution or a web-based planning tool. Cloud computing can bring down the time of implementing a new technology from years to months.
  • Reduced Operating Model Cost: Controlling IT budget is critical for retailers. Cloud computing helps them to pace up the new IT initiatives without compromising on operating model cost.
  • Scalable across Multiple Locations: As mobile commerce becomes more popular; brick and mortar retail stores need to build a robust IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is a better alternative than expensive traditional software models to scale up their IT assets across multiple locations.
  • Operating Budget Vs Capital Spending: In this challenging time, cloud computing models can significantly turn a company’s capital expenditure (Capex) into operating budget expenditures.

Cloud Based Services Offer Insightful Data for Future Growth

Cloud Based Services

Data is an effective tool for retailers to track consumer journey across multiple channels. It can answer many impending questions about consumer behaviour like buying pattern, seasonal demand, new trends etc. Cloud computing in retail can help businesses of all sizes to store huge amount of data, analyse it at every touch point and take insightful decisions. It facilitates free flow of information throughout the organisation and gives them a roadmap to make winning strategies for the future.

Higher Visibility for Better Monitoring of Supply Chain

The impact of cloud computing on supply chain management is one reason of its rapid rise in the retail sector. Cloud based contact center connects every part of the business and gives retailers higher visibility to monitor their supply chain across the enterprise. It captures real-time location data on inventory to prevent stock-out and maintain optimized inventory levels. Cloud migration also makes it easy for retailers to manage consignment details, digital documents and brokers.

Systematic Approach for Reduced Overhead Costs

Technology is the mainstay for growth of the retail industry. Cloud service offering makes sure that this growth does not come at the expense of overhead cost. Cloud migration is a systematic approach that gives retailers the flexibility to store data and choose plans according to their need. It mitigates the risk of high initial investment while helping them to achieve the same level of efficiency.

Unified Computing System for Transparent Operation

Unified Computing System for Transparent OperationThe emergence of omnichannel retail has made it imperative for enterprises to integrate operations for transparent functioning of their business. Working in silos can be detrimental to growth. Cloud based contact center can break the silos and unify the different components.

Advanced Analytics for Personalized Product

Every customer has a unique set of expectations. Cloud analytics for MSP are important because they offer retailers real-time access to customer data. Analytics make it possible for a store associate to instantly refer to the sales history of a customer and personalise the recommendations & offers. This can be helpful in an omnichannel retail model where the customer journeys are fragmented across different channels.

Dependable Technology for Enhanced Security

Security and reliability are two important parameters that retailers consider before switching to a new technology. Compromising on data security is never an option for them. They always insist on investing in IT infrastructure that is dependable. Cloud stored data is generally considered to be safer than data stored on own servers. Moreover, the cloud analytics MSPs follow highest level of security like preventive & detective control and back-up procedures that makes it reliable. Therefore it is surely the right IT infrastructure for regulatory compliance.

Compatible Platform for Faster Innovation

The biggest advantage of a cloud computing platform is its ability to respond to the ever-evolving needs of the business. It lets retail businesses innovate faster by minimizing the time they spend on procurement planning, capacity expansion and budget approval for capital expenditure which normally takes more time to execute in a self-hosted server.

Compatible Platform


There are many reasons why retailers are embracing cloud computing. While it gears up the enterprise to meet the challenges of a customer-centric retail system, it also reinforces the backbone of operation. Cloud migration can connect you to new opportunities and expand your retail business. It is a wise investment for the future of a retail enterprise. InfoVision’s technical staffing services can help your enterprise applications move to the cloud effortlessly.

The Future of Cloud Computing Solutions in Retail Business
The Future of Cloud Computing Solutions in Retail Business
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In today’s digital world where even the best of retail businesses can’t function without the adoption of technology, cloud computing in retail industry is a powerful tool to realize your future business goals. As a retailer, it is important for you to recognize the fact that you can no longer focus only on improving products and services. Your organization needs to also invest on technology to connect with its customers and read the pulse of their changing behavior. Cloud computing in retail offers you a feasible and cost-effective solution to strategize, plan and execute your future course of action.
It is no coincidence that cloud computing service providers are experiencing a steady increase in demand from the retail industry. But this growth is just the tip of the iceberg. Gartner has forecasted that 90%* of the organizations will be using cloud services by the year 2022. If you are planning to migrate to cloud, but are not able to decide whether it is the right platform for your business, it is high time you learn about the impact of cloud computing on retail business.

Making Anywhere, Anytime Inventory Management Possible

Inventory-Management-Cloud computing in retail gives companies a wide visibility of their stocks. It automates the supply chain and empowers retailers to manage inventory from anywhere, anytime. Cloud solution helps them overcome the fear of stock shortage by offering them access to real-time data, cloud architecture and analytics platforms. This is particularly effective for retail companies who have to manage multiple stores in different locations. As more and more retailers face the challenge of expanding their reach, cloud migration can help them check and monitor stock, accurately predict demand and optimize inventory cost.

Ensuring Superior Data Security

Enhancing Customer ExperienceRetail enterprises collect a lot of sensitive data related to inventory, sales and customers every day. It is crucial for them to manage and store the data securely. Cloud computing in retail industry offers superior safety nets like advance firewalls, encryption, internal firewalls and event logging which local servers can’t. Cloud contact center security handles data with utmost care and prevents incidences like network infiltration, Ransomware and DDoS attacks. With data threats becoming more widespread, retailers need to migrate to cloud to avail up-to-date data security that can guard them from future risks.

Increasing Return On Investment

Cloud driven enterprise mobility solution is not capital-intensive. Like any other B2C business, retailers need to deal with a larger audience base and maintain an IT infrastructure for regulatory compliance. Cloud computing is a great option for them to attain the desired flexibility and scalability to optimize their Return On Investment (ROI). It adds efficiency to operations and contributes to the bottom line of the company. As competition rises in the retail market, cloud computing is all set to emerge as the preferred technology for retail business.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer experience is central to the success of a retail store. A happy customer leads to repeat footfall and referrals. Retailers can streamline their operations by adopting cloud computing in their store. Shifting to cloud-based POS systems can facilitate faster and hassle-free check-outs. In a world where customers have less time at their disposal, retailers are more likely to embrace a technology that reduces transaction time and enhances the customer experience.

Accelerating Decision Making

Obtaining data is of no use to enterprises unless they can utilize them fully. The high-power computing resource and statistical models offered by cloud computing service providers can enable faster decision-making. Retailers can judge the consumer behavior by depending on the tools made available by cloud analytics MSPs and then base their marketing strategy accordingly. They can then store the same data in the cloud and adjust the price, offer a discount or recommend a product to customers by constantly studying their buying pattern. The ability to add precision to the marketing strategy is making cloud computing a trusted choice amongst retailers.

Assuring Faster Disaster Recovery

Assuring Faster Disaster RecoveryCloud disaster recovery model helps retailers to store data, take back-up and retrieve data remotely. As the entire process is automated, retailers save precious time in protecting valuable data during emergency. Another advantage of using cloud computing in retail is that it does not require constant maintenance and support. Therefore, it is a scalable, cost-effective and reliable platform that can safeguard retailers from disasters.


There is no doubt that the future belongs to cloud computing. The successful migration of retail companies like Amazon, StockX and Walgreens to cloud computing proves that it is here to stay. The way it can revolutionize your retail business is unimaginable. It is not just cost-efficient and flexible to adopt, but also reliable and safe to use. The technical staffing service of Infovision can help you make a swift transition to cloud driven enterprise mobility solution.

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