Tackle monotonous vision-dependent tasks with these autonomous drones and re-purpose your manpower for innovation and higher efficiencies.

Existing Autonomous Drones - A Bumpy Ride

While autonomous drones have been around for a while, their extensive dependence on GPS or 2D navigation techniques or high costs have kept them from being used widely for commercial applications. Traditional autonomous drones face some key disadvantages in use cases such as inventory tracking:

  • GPS dependence which makes them difficult to use in GPS-blind buildings and structures
  • Lack of accurate obstacle avoidance technology
  • High procurement and implementation costs for a certain use case
  • Restricted drone designs which may not fit a particular use case
  • Complex UI to control the drone, leading to a learning curve
  • Lack of partner functions such as analytics, computer vision etc.

To make autonomous drones commercially viable for use cases such as store scanning and remote warehouse management, all these obstacles must be overcome with a cost-effective drone system deploying a unique navigation system.

The DeepDrone

InfoVision’s DeepDrone addresses all the handicaps of existing technology with custom-designed autonomous drone systems that use our proprietary navigation technology, equipped with dynamic collision avoidance.  Developed at our Digit7 innovation lab, and tailored to each application, the DeepDrone is capable of:

  1. generating 3D maps
  2. navigating autonomously based on these maps
  3. avoiding collision dynamically
  4. finding the shortest path from source to destination
  5. being controlled by web, mobile-based apps

DeepDrone is packaged with an intelligent inventory management suite leveraging Computer Vision to scan and identify items and update inventory intelligence in real time. The pre-generated 3D path of the DeepDrone is continuously updated based on the 3D space it operates in, ensuring smooth navigation.