Enable checkout-free stores for enhanced shopping experience

Shoppers move away from stores with long checkout queues. With social distancing as the new normal, every queue is an inconvenience. And no one likes to wait in order to pay when they can simply switch to online shopping. Don’t make your customers wait. Enable checkout-free, autonomous experience at your physical stores with AI and Computer Vision-powered technology.



Waiting shoppers are lost customers

77% of customers are less likely to shop at a store again if they get stuck in its checkout line - a lost opportunity worth $38 Billion annually.

  • Queues at the checkout counters cause inconvenience
  • The more the customer waits, the less likely they are to revisit
  • Adding more cashiers is inefficient and expensive

The waiting period diminishes the shopping experience, adds an avoidable step to the shopper’s journey, and frustrates the customer. Stores need to remove the resistance in a shopper’s journey to transform them into loyal customers.


Implement AI-enabled checkout-free autonomous stores

Make it simple. The Smart Express Store technology resolves video feeds of complex human interactions with products to register shoppers and their actions meticulously, invoice accurately and help them shop seamlessly.

Optimize cost by drastically reducing implementation, operation and maintenance costs over existing tech through design thinking and creative innovation.

Customize the Smart Express Store suite to your specific business/shopper workflows, including our proprietary customizable Smart Shelves with pioneering features adapted to cashierless checkouts.

The customer identifies themselves at the entrance with a simple scan, shops as usual, bags the products, and walks out the store. Receipts get auto-generated on the app. Enable a shopping experience as easy as scan, shop, and go!

Enable a 360-degree shopping experience powered by ZeeStore

Enable a 360-degree shopping experience powered by ZeeStore

The Smart Express Store is supported by ZeeStore, our proprietary commerce engine – forming a revolutionary retail suite that supports a host of in-store, online, and operational retail innovation modules developed in-house at the Digit7 lab.


Core features

  • Computer Vision-powered technology for accurate customer-product mapping
  • AI-enabled system for accurate invoicing and seamless shopping
  • Highly customizable from shelf to store
  • Smart technology for drastically reducing implementation, operation, and maintenance costs
  • Zero human intervention at checkout for enhanced shopping experience

Exchange frustrated customer queues for seamless shopping experiences

Exchange frustrated customer