Enable checkout-free, autonomous shopping experiences at your brick-and-mortar stores with AI and Computer Vision-powered technology.

Shopping at a Smart Express Store

Cashierless checkouts made easier.

Scan to Enter

Scan in and identify yourself at the entrance of the store


Grab items, put them back, make impulse decisions – just like you shop normally.


Bag your shopping and just walk out. Receipt is auto-generated on the app.

Reclaim customers you lost to long checkout lines.

Customer loyalty is a product of the convenience offered by your retail store. With InfoVision cashierless checkout technology, lead customers through the path of least resistance to effortless shopping and turn shoppers into loyal customers. Whether you are setting up an autonomous section for your fast-moving products or recasting the entire store into a Smart Express Store, this cost-optimized, compute-efficient technology will provide you - superior control and your customers – the best possible shopping experience.

77% of customers are less likely to visit a shop again if they get stuck in its checkout line – a lost opportunity worth $38 Billion annually.

Complexity Simplified

The Smart Express Store Technology resolves video feeds of complex human interactions with products to register shoppers and their actions meticulously, invoice accurately and help them shop seamlessly.

Costs Optimized

This InfoVision technology goes beyond cracking the cashierless checkout process. It drastically reduces implementation, operation, and maintenance costs over existing tech through design thinking and creative innovation.

Fully Customized

Customize the Smart Express Store suite to your specific business/shopper workflows, including our proprietary customizable Smart Shelves with pioneering features adapted to cashierless checkouts.

The Future of Retail Suite – ZeeStore

The Smart Express Store is supported by the ZeeStore, our proprietary commerce engine – forming a revolutionary retail suite that supports a host of in-store, online, and operational retail innovation modules developed in-house at the Digit7 lab.