As customers increasingly expect cross-channel experiences to be seamless, it is time we unify these experiences in the backend with an intelligent omnichannel commerce engine. ZeeStore revolutionizes the way retailers manage and control their interactions with customers, helping them tie together their scattered systems for customer journeys across channels.

Siloed Systems, Disconnected Experiences

Omnichannel experiences are table stakes amongst shoppers today. In fact, they have matured into phygital experiences where shoppers get the tangibility of brick-and-mortar shopping and the convenience of online shopping combined into one easy shopping trip.

But retailers struggle to keep the experiences consistent across channels and enable friction-free phygital customer journeys. The most common pain points include:

  • Multiple and diverse databases for different channels
  • Widely different customer journeys across channels
  • Trouble unleashing brand new shopping experiences
  • Unrolling feature and service enhancement for various retail platforms
  • Ubiquitous checkout options, irrespective of the channel
  • Facilitate shopping anytime and from anywhere

The root of these problems lies in the assorted and disconnected platforms that power each channel for a retailer and the incongruence that arises from these platforms and teams operating in silos. To unify these systems, retailers must integrate the people, processes, and platforms behind each channel. Having a single platform managing experiences makes such an integration extremely convenient.

Deploy unique experiences in days, not months.

ZeeStore, InfoVision’s ready-to-deploy retail engine developed at our innovation lab – Digit7, is a versatile enabler for new meaningful omnichannel and phygital experiences. It’s a single stop to orchestrate unified customer journeys spread across digital and physical media, allowing customers to shop from anywhere anytime. It is composed as various customer-facing and associate-facing modules, which businesses can customize according to their workflows and requirements. 

ZeeStore is:

  1. Packaged with our cashierless checkout module, Smart Express Store
  2. Built with modern architecture, device-independent application clusters
  3. Built for ready-to-launch advanced experiences
  4. Cloud-native, scalable, flexible, and provides multi-layer security

The Zeestore Suite