04 May 2021
5 Ways AI can Enhance User Experience
Customers today need to be heard, decoded, and understood. Find out how AI/ML are transforming user experiences to deliver on these expectations
14 Apr 2021
Are RPA and IPA the Future of Digital Transformation?
With businesses of all sizes and industries undergoing digital transformation, automation solutions powered by RPA and IPA have emerged as the powerful engines behind most of...
06 Apr 2021
Why do Enterprises Need to Adopt RPA for Providing 5G Services
RPA is software-based robotics that mimics and carries out work done by humans. Essentially, it digitizes manual tasks that are routine, rule-based, and defined by specific steps.
24 Mar 2021
Blockchain - A Solution for IoT Security

If you haven’t kept yourself abreast of the latest technology trends, the possibility of using blockchain for IoT security solutions might take you by surprise. Most of us have...

18 Mar 2021
IoT and 5G – Shaping the Future with Wireless Communication
5G and IoT have brought revolutionary momentum to Industry 4.0 (4IR), translating into change agents for all, but a massive competitive advantage for some. So, how do you get...
18 Jul 2020
Retail Recommendation Engines to Improve Customer Relationships
Recommendation systems with purchase data and AI recommendation engines in retail are helping retailers to improve customer relationship and engagement.
13 Jul 2020
6 Types of Product Recommendation Engines Your Retail Store Needs
Retailers are implementing several kinds of Product recommendation engines to boost sales. The key is to find the type most suited to your business.
30 Jun 2020
Impact of Digital Transformation on Back-end of Agile Retail Organization
The impact of digital transformation on agile retail is manifold, ensuring increased market share. The right Digital adoption strategy is the key to get there.
30 Jun 2020
Retail Ecosystem – Collaboration in the Digital Age
A Retail Ecosystem that brings together various consumer services on a single platform is a result of process automations led by digital transformation.
26 Jun 2020
Rapid Rise of Retail Cloud Computing
As enterprises move their applications to the cloud, cloud computing and service offering in retail is creating significant impact on revenues.

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