14 Apr 2020
Business Transformation Vs Digital Transformation
Digital transformation and business transformation depend on each other for growth and success of any organization. Find out how they can impact businesses.
09 Apr 2020
The Smart Role AI is Expected To Play in Epidemic Control
Find out how artificial intelligence or AI is being used by governments, hospitals, and organizations to manage the crisis unleashed by COVID-19.
08 Apr 2020
How Tech Giants Can Fight Fake News on Coronavirus
The fight against Corona using technology is not just about limiting the spread of the pandemic but also the infodemic of fake news and misinformation.
07 Apr 2020
Coronavirus & Behavior Change: What Does it Mean for Brands?
Running a business post COVID-19 will be very different. Find out what brands can do to accommodate the changing consumer behavior due to the epidemic.
06 Apr 2020
How Can AI and VR Help Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic
The fight to combat COVID-19 pandemic will be long drawn. Find out how technologies like AI and VR will play a key role in several aspects of this fight.
02 Apr 2020
Work in the Time of Corona. 7 Tools to Make Working From Home Efficient
As Work From Home becomes a norm during the current COVID-19 pandemic, find out how to keep up your productivity using the best technological tools on offer
01 Apr 2020
8 Ways You Can Use Technology to Maintain Social Distance to Fight COVID-19
Collaboration tools, Video Chats, Social Media, Gaming apps and more. Find out how technology is helping maintain Social Distancing needed for COVD-19
30 Mar 2020
8 ways Governments and Hospitals are Using Technology to Handle COVID-19 Outbreak
Technology is emerging as a powerful weapon that is being used by Governments and Hospitals around the world in innovative ways to combat COVID-19 pandemic.
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27 Mar 2020
6 Changes in Consumer Behavior Due to Digital Transformation In Retail
Digital transformation in retail is changing consumer behavior who are now expecting access to customized, better quality products at their convenience
26 Mar 2020
5 Challenges Faced By Businesses During Cloud Migration
Cloud migration improves efficiency and prepares businesses for future expansion. However it also poses challenges like data security, cost and adoption.

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