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Outpace the evolving digital consumer.

Consumers often don’t know what they need until consumer brands show them what’s possible. And with digital, the possibilities are limitless.

Retail and CPG innovation that explores all such possibilities and thinks ahead of tectonic consumer shifts is a strategic imperative today.  As such shifts accelerate and phygital becomes table stakes, we help consumer brands innovate to overcome the inertia against change, to change the market, and recalibrate consumer expectations. InfoVision enables Fortune 100 brands to master change by equipping them with three fundamental elements –

Innovation Potential –  Leveraging emerging tech to sustain business value 

Flexibility – Ability to add new features and integrate new platforms

Scalability – Architectures that can scale to market rapidly.

We work at the speed of relevance, enabling you to deliver superior customer experiences such as – our proprietary cashierless checkout tech or seamless customer journeys where all phygital and digital touchpoints are unified by our omnichannel engine – and helping forge closer brand-consumer relationships over personalized customer journeys.

Brick-and-Click Platforms

100% Automated Cashierless Checkouts

Discover how to build cloud-native applications and active new growth models.

Peerless cost-efficiency
Fully customizable

Smart Express Store

AI-powered Auto Image Annotation

Productionalize Vision AI dramatically faster with 80% automated image annotation.

Labeling & training platform
Non-tech practitioner-friendly

The LabelMonkey

Omnichannel Retail Engine

An API-driven omnichannel engine for new innovative phygital retail formats, unified customer journeys, and a complete retail operations ecosystem

Retail/CPG module universe
Drives advanced retail formats


Drone-based Inventory Management

Manage inventory remotely with custom-designed autonomous drone swarms that drive real-time inventory intelligence.

Blockchain-powered inventory updates LIDAR-based 3D mapping ML-based collision avoidance


In-Store AR Product Insights

An intelligent AR app driven by ZeeStore that powers immersive and next-gen shopping experiences in stores along with real-time promotions.

In-store navigation & recommendations Product visualization & real-time promotions

Smart AR

Digital Experience Design

AI/ML Augmentation

Cloud Strategy and Implementation

Big Data & Analytics

Computer Vision Applications

Application Modernization

Stand differentiated and grow your revenue.

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