A Grand Finale to A Great Start

InfoVision concluded the first AI, RPA & Cognitive Summit at Dallas on a high note. Bringing key industry and technology leaders under the same roof, the summit not only enthralled the audience with the true potential of cognitive AI and RPA but also explored the future of these technologies in mainstream business.

The one-day summit kicked off with a simulating keynote session by Chithrai Mani, our digital transformation and RPA evangelist. A veteran in his own right, Mani introduced Advanced Process Intelligence for retail and BFSI industry. He shed some light on the impact of advanced process intelligence and how it enables value across the enterprise value chain.

He walked the audience through the advantages of having an RPA solution and how it can address critical business problems and accelerate transformation.

He further showcased how the industry is moving from business process outsourcing to business process outcomes via RPA. He touched upon how business leaders can handle technical complexity of RPA and increase their ROI from the investments made in cognitive AI solutions.

The event featured a panel discussion led by eminent industry personalities sharing their experience on topics like RPA plus for retail and BFSI, setting up of governance for RPA process to minimize risks, and implementing a center of excellence approach for RPA.

We extend a sincere thank you to all the people who made this event possible and a genuine note of gratitude to our esteemed audience. We hope you walked away with insights that would help you in decision-making and defining the roadmap of your own RPA journey.

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DALLAS, May 03, 2019

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