Capitalize on change with modern applications.

With accelerating change, enterprises are expected to build and modernize applications that adapt seamlessly to new, evolving business ecosystems. In the “eat-or-be-eaten” paradigm of change, these applications must be delivered rapidly with in-built agility, scalability, modularity, and design fluidity to capitalize on change.

To accomplish this, they need to:

  • Internalize the reality of change and
  • Develop a resting mental state of innovation toward reimagining applications and processes

InfoVision’s enterprise application modernization and development services condition your business to adapt and evolve naturally with these two capabilities. With our strong legacy in cloud, our experience with serverless operational models, Agile and SAFe implementations, and dedicated emerging technologies practices, we empower organizations to steer away from inflexible and complex legacy structures to build and manage alive, resilient application portfolios.

Build for Change.

Strengthen your application portfolio to evolve with change.

Build composable and reusable modern applications that lend you the dexterity to leverage change as a catalyst.

We help businesses move from laggard monolithic architectures to API and microservices-based modular architectures that break functions down into decoupled, independently deployed components. With this architecture, our customers are empowered to bring  together modules managed by diverse teams and programmed differently, and scale each individually on demand. The modern applications we design have imparted the velocity to businesses to improve, scale, and reach the market in time to capitalize on change.

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Cover all the bases for your applications portfolio with containerized, dynamically orchestrated cloud-native applications equipped with automated scalability and availability. InfoVision combines the portability of containerization, cloud’s flexibility, and the modularity of microservices-based architectures, creating a robust foundation for CI/CD and DevOps integration.

We were one of the first digital transformation partners to make serverless architecture the norm for our customers. We help them leverage the pay-for-usage model of serverless architecture and its tight security to build responsive apps that underpin innovation while offloading wasteful infrastructure and scaling costs.

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We work closely with enterprises to co-design and develop bespoke applications with cost-effective architectures – leveraging both modern and legacy technologies.

Our key differentiator is leaving room for additional innovation, allowing organizations to realize the potential of new features and platform integrations to drive responsiveness, relevance, and resilience. We work across the board to develop the right modernization strategy, select the right tools, align stakeholders on a common vision, and implement with cloud-enabled, platform-centric approaches. Our systematic approach has helped organizations release modern applications at high velocity through continuous delivery.

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Optimize value from your existing applications by improving performance and reducing costs. Our deep tech experts help drive process innovation, data-led enhancements, and intelligent automation to upgrade processes while preserving functionality.

From migrating applications to cloud, to digitally decoupling architectural components into purpose-built microservices, to enabling omnichannel experiences through mobility, to enhancing existing functionality securely - we transform existing applications into robust high-performing agents of change for your business.

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