Bolt on digital intelligence to physical devices to elevate experiences.

Billions of devices have inconspicuously become a part of our homes, hospitals, industries, vehicles, and more. And connecting these sensors is central to reimagining convenience for the device users. From cashierless checkouts to digital twins, IoT underpins some of the most superior experiences today.  

Making your IoT breakthrough is a game of deep IoT expertise, multi-layered security, scaling on cloud, and planned AI integration. InfoVision’s IoT portfolio covers IoT and IoT Edge services and solutions, custom-built for businesses and their specific challenges. We weave together system integration, connectivity, sensors, gateways, analytics, and user experience into a complete IoT value chain through a strategy optimized for your business context. 

Our flagship IoT solutions include customizable IoT shelves, a proprietary cashierless checkout technology, and an admin console that offers web-based IoT device provisioning, among others. Born in the ecosystem of our enterprise-wide common IoT vocabulary, a core IoT innovation practice, and a shared reckoning of IoT challenges and value, our accelerators and services have helped build lighthouse projects that pave the way for differentiated IoT adoption.

Industrial IoT and Edge

Lay down the foundation for the Digital Factory with connected devices, automated workflows, remote monitoring, and real-time analytics.

IoT Platform Development

Co-develop an integrated IoT platform end-to-end, from architecture design to automated testing with platform monitoring features and potential to meet future demand.

Appliance Automation

Leverage our IoT appliance automation accelerator to gather data from your devices, run analytics, and personalize user experiences at a granular level.

Supply Chain IoT

Connect trusted devices in your supply chain into an IoT ecosystem, engaging blockchain to reduce server dependency and improve data reliability.

IoT Security

Secure your connected ecosystem with advanced identity management and encryption technologies and engineer data for the lifecycle security of your IoT devices.

Testing and Automation

Enable manual and automated testing – run-time, A/B, and fuzz testing – and API management to maintain the integrity of your IoT ecosystem.

Bring your IoT strategy over the finish line and drive user-centric transformations

Outage notification – Get alerted instantly to equipment outage, integrate mobility, and gather last-mile connectivity information.

Fleet management –
Manage vehicle fleets remotely, run vehicle diagnostics, and facilitate emergency roadside assistance.

IoT service integration – Enable third-party IoT providers to integrate IoT products and services seamlessly into your enterprise platform.

Connected building management – Launch a centralized management portal integrating your connected building’s legacy system for comprehensive control.

Public safety notification – Trigger emergency broadcast notifications reaching millions of people through cable TV services.

Enterprise IoT transformation – Enable an end-to-end digital enterprise with a well-defined IoT strategy as a cornerstone.

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