Push the boundaries of inventory intelligence with DeepDrone

Digitally transform inventory management with DeepDrone, a robotic solution to scan products and pallets in warehouses. Fitted with inventory intelligence software and dynamic obstacle avoidance, it can autonomously tackle monotonous vision-dependent tasks and repurpose your manpower for higher efficiencies.



Unreliable autonomy of drones

Extensive dependence on GPS and 2D navigation not only makes traditional drones inefficient but also cost-intensive. Commercial users find it difficult to implement a technology with disadvantages like:

  • Being ineffective in GPS-blind buildings
  • Inaccurate obstacle avoidance
  • High procurement and implementation costs
  • Restrictive designs and complex UI
  • Lack of analytics, computer vision, and other technologies
  • Limitations like these make drones commercially non-viable. For use cases like store scanning and remote warehouse management, customers demand more efficiency and innovation


Infusing the right technology into drones to enhance autonomy

InfoVision’s DeepDrone addresses all the handicaps of existing technology with a custom-designed navigation engine and dynamic collision avoidance.

Developed at our Digit7 innovation lab, it is tailored with 3D map generation and shortest route detection, and allows web and mobile-app control.

Fly Robo comes packaged with:

Intelligent Inventory System
Intelligent Inventory System
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Pre-generated and continuously updated 3D path

Core features

  • Generates 3D spatial maps with auto-path correction and navigation
  • Avoids obstacles dynamically while finding the shortest path
  • Operates autonomously even in GPS-blind buildings
  • Conveniently UI-driven with web and mobile-based control applications
  • Allows the switch between completely autonomous and remote-controlled navigation modes
  • Packaged with intelligent inventory management and programmable for more

Get a bird’s eye view of your warehouse with Drone Scan

Drone Scan