Building the Future of CAE
Visualization and Simulation

Critical simulation insights aren't getting through to your design, release, and manufacturing teams.

Simulation tools offer the promise of higher-quality, lower-cost products. Unfortunately, the output they provide can’t be easily shared.

Simulation analysts must create time-consuming, 2D simulation reports, usually in PowerPoint, to share information widely – leaving design, release, and manufacturing engineers to make decisions without all the facts.

VCollab combines these actionable insights - from multiple simulation tools - into a single, compact, vendor-neutral format that’s viewable from a browser. And VCollab automates the process of creating these reports, saving valuable analyst time.

This makes complete information available to design and release engineers. Even your global supply suppliers and OEMs can access these critical insights.

Simulation Insight Challenges

Information Fidelity

Deign and release engineers lack CAE skills and licenses. Analysts must create static, 2D PowerPoint reports to share simulation results ― dramatically reducing the fidelity of simulation insights.

Static Information

Working with static PowerPoint images, engineers can’t see critical case loads and hot spots, or easily compare iterations. They can’t create, review, or edit annotations from global team members.

Efficiency & Collaboration

Creating widely-sharable simulation reports can take hours. Updating these static reports takes just as long. And simulation insights are not easily shareable across teams and locations.

VCollab Solves the Challenges

VCollab converts and merges information from multiple CAE and CAD files into a single compact, 3D, vendor-neutral file, without sacrificing any of the simulation information needed by your design, release, or manufacturing teams.

Instead of seeing only limited simulation results, your teams can collaborate and make better design and product decisions using VCollab’s actionable simulation insights.

VCollab lets you share information with your global supply and OEM teams, while protecting IP.

Creating VCollab simulation insight reports is easily automated, freeing up hours of valuable analyst time.

  • VCollab: Greater productivity, increased collaboration, better products.

“We recovered our investment in VCollab in a few months.”

Simulation Partners

VCollab supports virtually every simulation format. We partner with the industry leaders.

“Analyst productivity improved by more than 50%.”

VCollab Customers

Proven in real-world scenarios, VCollab is used by companies in automotive, aerospace, high tech, industrial, and consumer goods.


For more than a decade VCollab has helped manufacturers to realize the full benefits of simulation. 

By automating the process of extracting, merging, and reporting simulation insights in 3D, high-fidelity, browser-viewable models, we expand access to these critical simulation insights to everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process. We make simulation insights actionable.

This leads to better and faster engineering decisions, which in turn leads to better products. We also free up valuable simulation analyst time by eliminating the need for them to create reports manually. Creating manual simulation reports for staff members who lack the access and skills to use simulation tools directly not only wastes time, it also substantially reduces the depth and quality of information available to non-analysts.

VCollab solves these challenges with products that can be implemented within days, not weeks or months.