Make the move to value-based healthcare with ease.

The shift from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare has brought the focus back on patient care. But healthcare providers(HCPs) and life sciences brands still face an uphill task in creating value for diverse patient demographics at speed and scale.

A robust analytics-led strategy at the intersection of clinical, business, and technology perspectives has become imperative to help HCPs and associated firms meet the demands of patient care and accountability to various stakeholders simultaneously.

InfoVision helps HCPs and life sciences firms derive and offer true value through end-to-end digital transformation and analytics services. Our three-pronged approach to transforming healthcare and life sciences involves:

  1. An intelligent analytics-led core
  2. Design thinking-driven experiences and
  3. AI-driven automation

We plug in intelligent insights and automation at various links of the value chain to help build 360⁰ patient profiles, democratize access, enhance operational efficiency and improve all-round patient outcomes.

Navigate the next and adopt new growth models frictionlessly.

Digital and innovation services for customer-, patient-, and enterprise technology stacks
A dedicated R&D arm for innovation consulting with 130+ technologists
Cross-functional teams combining technology, business, and innovation perspectives
Industry affiliations to benefit from co-innovation and latest product updates/best practices
Pre-fabricated solutions and accelerators that can be customized to the business
25+ years of digital and innovation delivery services through 11 delivery centers.

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