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Experience-oriented human-centric designs are improving lives with incremental and sustainable changes in everyday interactions. Digital retail, telemedicine, OTT platforms are all examples of how enhanced interactions have recalibrated the way people live, for the better.

User experience often gets oversimplified and limited to aesthetics. But, brands are increasingly accepting the role of technology innovation in aligning their natural strengths to user expectations, while reinforcing the role of empathy and understanding.

At InfoVision, we help businesses create personal and deeply impactful experiences for their stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and decision-makers. Putting together our experience developing versatile proprietary solutions and diverse user journey paths, we enable you to reimagine and transform the way people engage with your brand. As with most of our innovation-driven projects, we leverage design thinking to facilitate subtle changes in your customer journeys which cumulate into differentiated experiences that give your brand the competitive edge.

Assessment and Strategy

We work closely with brands and their business, preferably at their key touchpoints, to identify opportunities and gaps and develop a strategy.

Audience Profiling

Our dedicated team interacts with engagement drivers at all levels of your organization to identify the target audience and define a target persona at a granular level.

Defining User Journeys

We combine elements from existing paths of least resistance, user-tested and tried paths, and creative innovation to develop distinctive journeys unique to your brand.

Experience Architecture Design

Leveraging user feedback and insights drawn from engagement data, we create an experience architecture wireframe and solve for intersecting user path problem areas.


InfoVision offers multi-dimensional personalization services across various user parameters to ensure that your users feel heard and valued.

Insight Generation

We plug in advanced analytics solutions and dashboards with user response data to generate actionable insights for improving and streamlining the user experience.

Bring your partners closer and drive operational trust and efficiency with blockchain

Responsive web design – Surpass the limitations of device form factors with responsive web designs that convey your brand’s value proposition on any screen size.

Global websites – Taking your business global? Work with our experts to unleash a global-ready website that adapts to any device.

Product design – Partner with our R&D lab, Digit7, and its team of specialized technologists to design product and services flows that set your brand apart.

Enterprise app design – Redefine employee experiences, boost productivity across your workforce, and foster collaboration to drive business outcomes better. 

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