About the customer

The customer, an American mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is owned by a leading telecom company and competes primarily against other major telecom operators as a part of the prepaid wireless service provider brands.

Business challenge

In the dynamic world of telecommunications, our customer faced a series of pressingchallenges that threatened their efficiency and end-customer experience:

Need for speed and efficiency

The customer grappled with outdated manual processes that hindered their agility. The absence of a streamlined automation process and performance measures meant operational inefficiencies and inordinate delays.

Inconsistent quality assurance

A disjointed quality assurance mechanism meant delayed feedback and issue resolution. The absence of a robust test data management system further compromised service quality.

Domain knowledge gaps

The intricate telecom domain required deep understanding. However, testers were isolated from Agile teams, leading to knowledge silos.

InfoVision approach

Our approach was rooted in a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, combined with our expertise in quality engineering. The strategy anchored on three pillars of our CoE (Center of Excellence):

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Prioritizing automation

Prioritizing automation

Our efforts here were multi-pronged:

  • Enhanced web application automation
  • Developed a framework for Salesforce Velocity
  • Amplified mobile device and API testing capabilities
  • Introduced performance testing measures


Complete ownership

Complete ownership

We believed that true transformation begins with ownershi To this end we:

  • Optimized test automation scope for critical functionalities
  • Introduced continuous testing for real-time feedback
  • Established a robust test data management process
Building domain expertise

Building domain expertise

Understanding the nuances of the telecom domain was crucial. Therefore, we:

  • Integrated testers into the Agile team for holistic project knowledge
  • Created a knowledge repository for insights and learnings
  • Organized training sessions for thorough knowledge transfer

Business impact

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Engage with Infovision

InfoVision offers a comprehensive audit of existing testing services, bridging gaps through automation. Our strong QE&A practice and CoE team collaborate with clients to provide tailored solutions, ensuring an optimal testing strategy.

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