Charting new horizons: A journey of strategic data transformation
Discover how InfoVision revolutionized a fragmented data ecosystem into a streamlined powerhouse of insights and efficiency.
Revolutionizing telecom testing
InfoVision led a strategic brownfield automation transformation for a major telecom client, emphasizing ownership, automation, and knowledge management.
A digital transformation journey in mortgage services
Modernization of the legacy Appraisal Fee Services (AFS) platform, leading to operational efficiencies, enhanced customer experience and a decrease in expenses.
AI-Powered Solution for vehicle damage assessment
An automated solution that can quickly and accurately identify damages, generate an estimate for repairs, and provide a hassle-free experience.
Revolutionizing healthcare operations: a success story of Salesforce implementation
InfoVision partnered with a US-based healthcare organization to improve their operations, donation management and fundraising effectiveness while leveraging the heavy investment they had made in Salesforce.
Leading a Retail Major Through a Successful Quality Engineering Transformation
A complete outcome-driven quality engineering transformation for a global retail major, with a focus on capability building and future-proofing
Closing Security Gaps And Achieving ISMS And QMS Standards In Record Time
Cybersecurity success story - Implementing quality and security systems as per global standards, in record time, while reducing risk of potential security breaches.
Mobile Payment Solution - a Digital Transformation Success Story
Enabling seamless and secure mobile transactions. Providing users with a convenient and hassle-free way to manage their finances.
Putting Convenience Back Into Shopping With Digital Transformation
Transforming customer experience and increasing customer wallet share through gamification, driving customer stickiness.