Digit7 – at the edge of innovation. Paving the way for your future with next-gen technologies that are future-ready, Digit7 is your go-to cross-industry innovation partner providing innovation on tap. Solely owned subsidiary of InfoVision - a digital transformation leader in deploying and scaling purpose-driven innovation and putting intuitive tech in the hands of the consumers.



Accelerating client co-innovation

Requirement of AI-powered digital solutions that integrate key emerging technologies to solve clients’ end needs in specific industry segments, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, telecommunications, and banking.



Digit7 addresses the requirements of business owners by improving overall performance, providing a convenient, personalized experience for customers. Digit7 is home to revolutionary flagship products including and not limited to:

  • The Smart Self-checkout Store, D-Grab, provides an automated cashier-less shopping experience
  • An AI-based auto-image annotation platform, TagSquare, built with a synthetic image data generator that reduces manual hours by up to 80%
  • A warehouse inventory managing smart drone solution, the GlideRobo, which can operate in a GPS void environment with indoor navigation

The main vision of Digit7 is to extend the focus on long-term technology revolution, for key industries. It also believes in creating solutions that offer a different experience to the consumers, helping owners increase their ROI - ultimately making lives more convenient than ever before.
Digit7 operates with over 50 experts and renders innovative solutions across the globe. Visit us at https://www.digit7.io/