Forge stronger connection to a digital future.

In this digitally charged decade, Telecom, Media, and Technology (TMT) companies hold the key to activating new growth models and serving a growing appetite for technology services in 5G, Edge computing, and more. To harness its full potential, TMT companies must imbibe flexibility, speed, and innovation into their DNA.

We have helped leading TMTs achieve this with multi-dimensional innovation and modernization support. Our capabilities lie in empowering you with every digital advantage possible - from unparalleled operational efficiencies for 5G proliferation to designing unique personalized customer experiences.

Discover how you can accelerate towards path breaking differentiators and new revenue streams:

Industry imperatives

What TMT businesses need to develop a competitive edge

Customer experience management

An omnichannel-by-design strategy and a reinforced pipeline for quad-play services, AI-driven self-service, and build-your- own-contracts

Business agility

Rapid introduction of complementary and integrated digital services to respond to strong competition

Productivity & Cost Optimization

As customer demand for integrated digital services platforms grows, TMTs must rationalize their application and infrastructure portfolio to amplify operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Network Upgrade & Modernization

To capitalize on growing data and video traffic, telcos should aim to create a flexible, automated, cloud-enabled, hardware-intensive, and programmable network that reduces CapEx and time-to-market.

Modern Network Management

TMTs can enable faster and more efficient deployment of new services by orchestrating new offerings such as SDN and NFV with standardized APIs across hybrid virtual/physical networks.

AI-driven Insights

AI-powered Systems of Intelligence, platforms that combine multi-source data with real-time advanced analytics, are empowering TMTs to hyper-personalize customer interactions and create differentiating advantages.

Why InfoVision

Digital innovation services across customers, vendors, and enterprise technology stacks
A dedicated R&D arm, with practices devoted to emerging technologies
Top technology partner affiliations for co-innovation, product updates, and best practices
Pre-built solutions and accelerators that can be customized to TMT companies
Cross-functionals teams working at the intersection of technology, business, and innovation
Extensive depth and breadth of services to deliver end-to-end transformation in the TMT domain

Build your gateway to faster networks.