Metaverse – a virtual solution for reality

Introducing Metaverse – a promising futuristic concept that creates real experiences in a virtual world. Metaverse could broadly be described as a digitally generated 3D venue, either overlaid in the real world or as an independent entity of its own. The novel technology is the frontier of all foundation technologies like blockchain, cloud and 5G, creating life-like experiences.

With a committed team of experts, we provide end-to-end solutions in Metaverse by leveraging our proprietary frameworks in AI/ML and computer vision across industries. We provide 3D design solutions, web AR services, virtual conferencing solutions, enhanced in-store experience for retail and more. We innovate processes and bring cost-effective solutions to help our customers emerge as market leaders.

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Our Offerings

Key Points

Digital Twin

Virtual replica of your physical assets, enabling real-time monitoring through advanced simulation

Digital Twin

3D design solutions

Interactive models backed by AR/VR technology to enhance visualization of the products in development

3D design solutions

Digital avatar solutions

Manifest reality with digital avatars for enhanced engagement

Digital Avtar Solutions

In-store experience in virtual shops

Create a virtual experience for customers that is identical to real world

Virtual In-Store

Web AR Services

Increase brand reach with web-based AR directly from your smartphones – no downloads needed

Web AR Services

Virtual L&D platform services, EdTech services

Interactive and collaborative ways to train and educate your employees

Interactive VR

Call centre management Automation with VuZix Glasses

Integrate Vuzix glasses into management and operations to improve productivity and efficiency.

VuZix Glasses

Industry Customization

Enterprises VR
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  • Transition 2D virtual conferences to 3D for conducting seminars
  • Simulate real-world conditions for training employees with reduced costs and better outreach
Retail Metaverse
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  • Get insights on purchase patterns
  • Conduct virtual tryouts with digital mirrors
  • Enhance user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Capture real product unboxing experiences
Gaming Metaverse
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  • Build lifelike gaming experience in 3D
  • Create gaming characters that are replicas of real identities. 
  • Build interoperable platforms
Real estate
Real estate
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  • Virtual property tour for potential clients
  • Simulations for interior designing
  • 3D building models for customers
  • Rent virtual spaces for concert venues and shopping malls in digital real estate 
Banking VR
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  • Decentralized platform development
  • Non-fungible development and integration
  • Metaverse marketplace and app development
  • Metaspace marketing

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