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We optimize your entire cloud journey by combining end-to-end cloud services, sector-specific expertise, advanced cloud emerging technologies and global resources. Our team of cloud experts will help execute and innovate like never before with a combination of people, processes, and technologies geared toward collaboration, communication and innovation.

We provide comprehensive cloud management support by handling end-to-end ownership of cloud operations, cloud managed services and cloud consumption optimisation. Our cloud consulting services help customers build an efficient and scalable cloud IT infrastructure based on proven best practices. Customers also benefit enormously from our cloud native application and cloud modernization services as we transform legacy systems into a robust and flexible IT infrastructure.

What We Deliver

Our Capabilities

Cloud managed services and consumption optimization
Cloud managed services and consumption optimization
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End-to-end managed services:

  • Cloud deployment , manage network and storage
  • Cloud security, monitoring , reporting , backup , business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Infra setup , cloud migration
  • Cloud consumption optimization with tools and atomization

Managed cloud service provider :

  • Rapid cloud deployments tailored to your business needs, enhanced compliance and security features
  • Scalability and agility with pay-as-you-go models

  • High productivity through effective resource utilization
  • Planning strategies and execution
  • Ease in dealing with heavy workloads enabling business continuity
Cloud consulting
Cloud consulting
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  • Identifying business and IT drivers for cloud strategies, governance, defining a cloud roadmap, and selecting the right cloud platform.
  • Help in planning, building and managing a cloud infrastructure using AWS, Azure or any other cloud.

  • Transform client applications by hosting, extending or building them on any cloud platforms.

  • Leverage processes ‘led functional solutions delivered via SaaS models.
  • Discovering the most efficient ways to provision and manage cloud resources.
  • Optimization of cloud using tools and automation
Cloud native applications
Cloud native applications
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  • On-demand delivery, global deployment, elasticity, and higher-level services.
  • Improves developer productivity, business agility, scalability, availability, utilization, and cost savings. Deliver faster time to market, higher scalability, simpler management and reduce cost through containerization, microservices, automation and DevOps practices.

Advised  methods:

  • Build applications into containers.
  • Manage applications with an autonomous orchestrator

  • Break down the application into micro-services - easier to develop, update and cheaper to operate

Cloud application modernization
Cloud application modernization
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  • Modernizing platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and other features of existing legacy applications.
  • Monolithic and on-premises applications brought into cloud architecture and release patterns like micro services, DevOps.

Opportunities :

  • Platform migration
  • UX/UI modernization
  • Application refactoring
  • Tech & architecture upgrade
  • Database migration services
  • Legacy applications migration

Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform
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  • Bring together the right technology, processes and culture to help organizations of every size
  • Leverage the efficiency and agility of cloud

Data Center Transformation
Data Center Transformation
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Full-scale, lifecycle support for transformation from experienced teams

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