Navigating airports with ease: Meet Temi, your personal check-in assistant

Step into the airport of tomorrow with your personal check-in assistant Temi. Watch how Temi simplifies the check-in process to a level of comfort and ease you've never experienced before.

July 2023
Navigating airports with ease: Temi helps you find your desired location

Want to find a desired location at the airport quickly and easily? Let Temi be your guide. See how Temi effortlessly leads a passenger directly to the cafeteria. This is not just about finding food but enhancing your overall airport experience with our state-of-the-art robotics.

July 2023
Temi handles flight reschedules

Experience the ease of overcoming travel hiccups with Temi. This scenario demonstrates how Temi efficiently guides passengers through rescheduling of their missed flight, swiftly turning a travel setback into a seamless transition.

July 2023
Lost and found made easy

Misplaced something valuable in a bustling airport and unsure where to report it? Temi brings the solution right to your fingertips. Discover how effortless it is to register a complaint with Temi - your ever-ready assistant on standby.

August 2023
Temi: For any information that you may want

Temi stands as a testament to the airport authority's dedication to passenger welfare during transit. Experience how Temi expertly addresses a passenger's query about nearby medical facilities. Witness first-hand how Temi quickly provides accurate, helpful information.

July 2023
Telemedicine - The Future of Healthcare

Experience the transformative impact of telemedicine. Witness Temi and Pepper, our interactive humanoid and assistant robots, harness the remarkable potential of telemedicine to complete patient registration, facilitate the preliminary requirements, establish a connect with the doctor, and enable the entire doctor-patient interaction without any physical contact.

March 2023
Food Serving Robot Delights Diners

We bring you a sneak preview of Cuisine Street where Temi is busy delighting guests. Temi has been transformed by our robotic application team into an adorable host who loves to serve diners with unwavering dedication and professionalism.

January 2023