Let apps elevate your business beyond legacy systems

With accelerating change, enterprises are expected to build and modernize applications that adapt seamlessly to new and evolving ecosystems, with in-built agility, scalability, modularity, and design fluidity, to capitalize on change.

InfoVision’s enterprise application modernization and development services condition your business to evolve naturally. With our expertise in cloud, serverless operational models, Agile and SAFe implementations, and emerging technology practices, we empower businesses to steer away from complex legacy structures to build live and resilient application portfolios.

See how you can strengthen your enterprise to evolve with change:

Our capabilities

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Modernize with API and microservices architecture
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Build composable and reusable modern applications that give you the velocity to improve, scale up, and speed to market.

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Transform with cloud-native and serverless operations
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As one of the first to make serverless architecture the norm, we help you leverage the pay-for-usage model to build responsive apps.

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Custom application development
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Design and develop bespoke applications with cost-effective architectures, leveraging both modern and legacy technologies.

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Modernize existing applications
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Transform your existing applications to be robust. Optimize their value by improving performance and reducing costs.

Tailored modernization for your industry


Telecom Media Technology

As one of the first to make serverless architecture the norm, we help you leverage the pay-for-usage model to build responsive apps.

Retail CPG Logistics

InfoVision offers expert innovative solutions in Retail, CPG and logistics that bring greater value to consumers.

Banking Financial services Insurance

Banking, financial services and insurance organizations require operational excellence and innovative solutions powered by digital transformation


Shift from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare and bring the focus back on patient care with InfoVision.

Why InfoVision

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Make strategic moves with rapid PoC and MVP development
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Exclusive R&D lab with 130+ technologists
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Faster time to market with Agile SAFe implementation
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Reliability with automation and continuous feedback loops
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Reduce costs with SaaS and PaaS integrations
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Reduced or zero downtime for new releases

Forge a future of digital modernization and expand your limits with application services