Tie the Digital Loose Ends into a Channel of High-Velocity Innovation

Today’s digitally charged ecosystem demands that enterprises have the agility to productionalize, test, and launch apps and features quickly. IT operations are catching up fast to this ask, breaking the request-response cycle of their traditional relationship with application development teams and leveraging IaaS, PaaS, microservices, IaC, among others to accelerate services. While these have increased the release velocity, they aren’t a comprehensive solution. 

With our platform engineering services, we rationalize these compartmental measures into an enterprise platform from where application development teams can draw shared technology infrastructure and launch innovation rapidly.  We strategize, design, implement, and operate platforms that empower the app engineering teams, harmonizing their access to these pooled resources and reducing lead times to launch. 

We provide extensive product and platform engineering services, employing interdisciplinary perspectives from our deep tech team and industry experts, our pan-industry co-innovation experience, research partnerships with leading universities, and a unique innovation mindset nurtured by our culture. 

Our capabilities

Custom API Development & API Integration
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Create high-value, platform-independent APIs to redefine workflows and interface new functionalities. Leverage our cross-functional expertise to integrate new APIs securely and bring the most sought-after features to your products and platforms.

Data and API Monetization
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Capture new growth opportunities and tap into the enormous potential of your data and APIs. InfoVision’s innovation consultants engage deeply with API owners and stakeholders to unlock the value of your data through new, sustained revenue streams.

API Management
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API development is only one cog in the wheel of realizing value through API. With our API management services, publish APIs, secure mobile resources, manage the nuances of your ecosystem partners, draw actionable business insights, and socialize API updates within and outside the organization.

Platform Customization and Integration
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Drive better value for your end consumers and enhance your platform ecosystem by adding complementary and auxiliary features for your ecosystem participants. With help from our platform services, untangle your organizational intelligence from your platforms, and enable seamless integration for your external partners.

Product Engineering
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Get expert help in co-creating and managing the complete development lifecycle of a product – from roadmap development to post-implementation maintenance, leveraging Agile/DevOps and our dedicated innovation practice – Digit7.

Product Customization
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InfoVision is more than your service partner. Led by our R&D hub, the Digit7 Lab, and it’s team of 130+ cross-functional technologists, we engineer next-gen products with built-in potential for further innovation, flexibility, and scalability. Find our products here.

Tailored modernization for your industry


Telecom Media Technology

As one of the first to make serverless architecture the norm, we help you leverage the pay-for-usage model to build responsive apps.

Retail CPG Logistics

InfoVision offers expert innovative solutions in Retail, CPG and logistics that bring greater value to consumers.

Banking Financial services Insurance

Banking, financial services and insurance organizations require operational excellence and innovative solutions powered by digital transformation


Shift from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare and bring the focus back on patient care with InfoVision.

Why Infovision

Custom-fit innovation and inclusive transformations
Cost-efficiency & scalability programmed into the process
Emerging technology advocacy and innovation focus without over-engineering
Inherent portability and reusability
Ground-up integration of emerging technologies
Platform-agnostic modular design
The complete people, process, platforms, and training suite for innovation

Evolve at speed and scale with agility and operational efficiency.

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