Critical simulation insights scattered across multiple 2D reports impede brands from delivering the best, most innovative designs. Puzzling these pieces together to help the design, release, and manufacturing teams see the bigger picture when it comes to your CAE reports. With VCollab, visualization and collaboration over simulations from diverse teams becomes easy and truly insightful.

Disconnected 2D Simulation Reports

Product design and engineering teams often look to simulation tools to plan, innovate, and create. Blind spots in the simulation can quickly derail the otherwise intricately planned design. The challenge lies in:

  • Fostering different simulation tools for different parts of the process
  • Enabling collaboration through a single source of truth simulation report
  • Manually collating reports from various simulation reports into a single report without gaps
  • Manual efforts to spot anomalies, make comparisons, and highlight critical results
  • Replication of efforts to share insights to various teams with different stakes
  • Allowing various teams to add their ideas to a single project
  • Design and Release engineers lack CAE and CAD proficiency

Simulation analysts are responsible to ensure that all stakeholder teams including design, manufacturing, release, and vendor teams. Most often, they manually align 2D simulation reports into presentations to share information to the wider audience. Not only is there scope of human errors, these reports may not highlight the crucial information at the moment of decision.

3D Visualization and Collaboration Automation

VCollab combines actionable insights from various simulation tools into a single, vendor-neutral digital 3D CAE report that can be accessed from any device or browser. It automates the process along with providing the audience with actionable insights and collaboration tools, saving valuable analyst time.