It has come to our attention that some individuals are impersonating InfoVision employees and offering fake employment opportunities to candidates. InfoVision strictly adheres to only a merit-based recruitment process. InfoVision does not require job seekers to pay any amount during the recruitment process in exchange for employment at InfoVision. To ensure the authenticity of any communication from InfoVision, please contact us directly using the official numbers provided in the 'Contact Us’ section of our website or by emailing us at joboffers@infovision.com

Please note that InfoVision will not be responsible for any engagements that candidates may have with fraudsters posing as InfoVision staff. InfoVision cannot be held liable for any damages or claims that may result from any such communication.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraudsters Posing as InfoVision Members?

  • InfoVision's hiring process includes at least one interview, which can be conducted virtually or in person. Interviews will not be arranged through any instant messaging applications.
  • The recruitment team at InfoVision communicates from email addresses that end with the domain "@infovision.com." However, it's important to note that scammers may fraudulently display a sender email address that appears to be from "@infovision.com" Kindly note that the fraudsters may mask the original name to impersonate InfoVision employees. In such cases, please ensure the legitimacy of the domain names used. If you receive a job offer or interview call from an email address that uses a generic domain such as Gmail or Yahoo, please exercise caution as it may be a potential scammer.
  • Under no circumstances, the InfoVision recruitment team ask for personal documents of candidates such as bank account details, tax forms, or credit card information during the recruitment process.
  • If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of the job offer you received from InfoVision, please visit InfoVision’s Career section and verify the job offer or application. You can also write to us at joboffers@infovision.com to verify the authenticity of the job offer received.
  • InfoVision never charges fees for job offers, interviews, or any kind of training. Any such requests are fraudulent and should be reported.
  • If you suspect that you have been a victim of recruitment fraud, you are requested to approach law enforcement agencies immediately.