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Traditional banking incumbents have been disrupted at every new milestone in the digital economy – by fintech competitors and advanced digital experiences. Emerging from the 2007-08 recession set financial services institutions to be resilient against hostile market forces. Yet, the drastic leap in customer expectations and the current crisis have rattled these experienced institutions again.

Today, banking and financial services organizations require a strategy that focuses on customer experience, operational excellence, and distinctive differentiators powered by digital to survive in the uncertainty. This includes enabling continuous KYC by integrating data and monitoring across various discrete systems.

InfoVision brings the full ambit of emerging technologies, cloud expertise, and innovation ecosystem to help financial services firms transform everything from their core banking platforms to customer-facing mobile applications. We partner extensively to implement, secure, and scale continuous KYC and risk segmentation contributing to holistic behavior analysis. Our customers have leveraged these approaches and our capabilities to execute them and enhance security and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

These organizations are now empowered to break through the legacy systems and mindsets and build lasting trust-based relationships with customers.

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