InfoVision partners with Tricentis to accelerate software testing speed with end-to-end AI-based continuous testing

on 28 June, 2023

InfoVision, a leading global IT services and solutions company, has entered into a partnership with Tricentis, a testing platform for modern cloud and enterprise applications, to help enterprises achieve digital transformation goals through faster application testing for high-quality software delivery.

Under the partnership, InfoVision will offer end-to-end continuous testing and AI-led autonomous solutions on the Tricentis AI-based, script-less, no-code, automation platform, Tricentis Tosca. InfoVision will leverage Tricentis Tosca for automated testing solutions for enterprise applications and structure testing services through the usage of predictive modeling and planned automation for re-usability.

The partnership also allows InfoVision to use Tricentis’ market-leading agile test management platform, Tricentis qTest, to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration for agile and DevOps teams. Tricentis solutions help enterprises increase software release speed exponentially and cut application development and deployment cost and significantly improve software quality.

“This collaboration will strengthen InfoVision’s quality engineering and automation capabilities by empowering our clients with next-generation solutions using the latest automation tools with integrated technology. AI-led autonomous testing solutions powered by Tricentis will help achieve phenomenally higher test automation rates of 90%. By selecting Tricentis as our partner, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing innovative solutions and strengthening our quality assurance capabilities. Together, we will revolutionize the software testing landscape and deliver exceptional value to our customers."

The partnership also provides InfoVision with access to NeoLoad, which is the top load testing solution for enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix, Avaloq, Guidewire, etc.—from thick-client desktop apps to APIs and web interfaces. It’s a next-generation replacement for archaic load testing tools that hold back modern delivery processes. NeoLoad provides unparalleled support for legacy and modern applications—and it’s built expressly for today’s fast-paced DevOps processes. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly into CI tools, APM systems, containers, and other elements of the DevOps toolchain.

“Tricentis has been at the forefront of continuous testing. Our products and solutions leverage AI and cloud to accelerate software delivery and can support over 170 technologies and enterprise applications. Tosca can provide resilient test automation for any use case,” said Chaim Frenkel, senior director of alliances at Tricentis.

InfoVision and Tricentis partnership comes at a time when businesses are revving up their digitalization initiatives and are adopting advanced technologies to build products and features that meet increasing customer expectations.

About InfoVision:

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