InfoVision secures prestigious ‘leadership’ ratings in Zinnov Zones 2023

on 13 December, 2023

InfoVision fortifies its status as a leader in the 2023 Zinnov Zones for ER&D and Digital Engineering Services, demonstrating acknowledged expertise and innovation in digital engineering.


InfoVision, a global leader in IT services and digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce its prestigious recognition in the Zinnov Zones for ER&D and Digital Engineering Services 2023 Ratings. For the second year running, InfoVision has been named a leader in five key categories, solidifying its position at the forefront of technological innovation and digital engineering.

In the comprehensive Zinnov Zones ER&D and Digital Engineering ratings, which evaluated around 60 Global ER&D Service Providers, InfoVision's capabilities shone brightly. The company was recognized as a ‘Leader’ in the following ER&D services segments for mid-tier organizations:

  • ER&D Services Service Provider (Small & Medium Service Providers)
  • Digital Engineering Services Ratings 2023 (Small & Medium Service Providers)
  • Data & AI Engineering Services Ratings 2023 (Small & Medium Service Providers)
  • Experience Engineering Ratings 2023 (Small & Medium Service Providers)
  • ER&D Services - US Ratings 2023

Moreover, InfoVision's vast and robust portfolio in the telecommunications sector garnered acknowledgment as a "noteworthy player." This recognition underscores InfoVision's comprehensive expertise in the telecom space, from network design and operations to deployment and maintenance.

"We are truly honored by this recognition from Zinnov," said Sean Yalamanchi, President, InfoVision. "Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and we strive to consistently deliver pioneering solutions to our global clientele. Our focus on advancing gen AI technologies, coupled with our expertise in AI/ML, extended reality, IoT, and 5G, empowers us to redefine the benchmarks of digital transformation."

Sidhant Rastogi, Managing Partner at Zinnov, commented, “InfoVision’s leadership position in the Small and Medium Service Providers category in Zinnov’s Zones Digital Engineering and ER&D Services 2023 ratings stems from it having strategically augmented its expertise in IoT, Data Analytics, Cloud, and Security. This has helped the firm secure substantial deals, and expand its clientele across Telecom, Industrial, and Retail verticals. Furthermore, InfoVision’s MoU with IIT-Hyderabad, a leading university, reflects a strong learning culture, while enabling the firm to continually access top-quality talent, firmly cementing its position as a Digital Engineering services player to watch out for.”

InfoVision's success in the Zinnov Zones ER&D Services 2023 is a testament to its technology expertise, confidence, and thought leadership in the realm of digital engineering and AI. The company continues to be the preferred partner for global customers embarking on digital transformation endeavours, driving innovation with quality, agility, and integrity.

About InfoVision:

InfoVision is a leading global IT services and solutions company, specializing in enterprise digital transformation and modernization across various business verticals. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, InfoVision partners with clients to transform experiences and drive technology-led advancements, boasting a notable presence in industries such as Telecom, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and Technology. For more information, visit

About Zinnov:

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