Software Innovation Will Separate Leaders from Laggards November 2021

IDC defines a digital innovator as an organization that can build a product or service with key value derived from software and that either differentiates the organization or disrupts a market. A digital innovator doesn't just deliver one, siloed software-centric product; innovators recognize that producing and iterating on software on an ongoing basis is a crucial requirement for achieving the most important business outcomes.

Now is the time for organizations to gain an advantage by aggressively executing a transition from being primarily software buyers to also becoming efficient software producers. Organizations must explore the potential value of investing in digital innovation and become a market disruption by actively pursuing innovative software products and services.

While enterprises that deliver innovative digital products or services could differentiate or disrupt their markets, transforming into digital innovators is challenging for a number of reasons. This report has advice for businesses on how to overcome these challenges and become digital innovators. .


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