Re-invent industries and experiences with 5g.

5G is an unprecedented change agent for industries and telecom, media, and technology(TMT) players. 5G offers the speed, ultra-low latency, energy efficiency, and network slicing capabilities to support both massive IoT sensor networks and advanced customer-facing experiences.

InfoVision works closely with business leaders at top-tier TMT and industrial firms, applying 5G technology’s vast advantages to find new use cases and help organizations make a business case for these applications. We plug in as their enablers and catalysts to drive 5G innovation by designing, validating, and scaling the 5G proofs of concepts. With our services, explore how you can offer immersive and compelling customer experiences such as web-based AR retail and delight customers who are increasingly embracing digital touchpoints.

Get started on discovering the power of 5G and decode how to deploy and monetize the 5G technology with first-mover innovations.

5G Strategy

Define a practical 5G strategy to maximize 5G monetization with existing infrastructure and our innovation-as-a-service framework.

Feasibility Assessment

As you test the waters with 5G, consult with deep tech 5G experts to explore advanced use cases that drive competitive advantage.

Use Case Validation

Leverage our dedicated 5G and innovation consulting practice to help build a case for 5G technology innovation, from idea discovery to validation.

Implementation and Scaling

We help enterprises accomplish large-scale complex 5G technology implementations along with automated and manual testing and post-implementation hypercare.

Leverage the power of 5G to innovate on the edge

Industrial IoT and Edge Computing – Our mature innovation consultation and 5G practices work closely with enterprise stakeholders to develop 5G-driven IoT Edge solutions such as Digital Twin.   

Immersive experiences leveraging AR/VR/MR – As customers grow comfortable with AR and VR experiences, we help businesses exploit the capabilities of 5G to deliver effortless extended reality experiences and other imaginative touchpoints. 

Real-time analytics -  Our real-time analytics solutions augmented by 5G’s speed, low latency, and reliability are enabling rapid optimization and dynamic decision-making based on ground reality for businesses.

Autonomous vehicles –  We work with top-tier automobile brands leveraging 5G’s connectivity and communication potential to orchestrate autonomous decisions through machine-to-machine collaboration. 

Remote healthcare – Increase the incidence of positive outcomes in remote healthcare monitoring with real-time image and video transmission solutions utilizing 5G. Smart city –  Explore our smart city-adaptable solutions and co-innovate over new platforms to create a safe, efficient, and productive environment for citizens.

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Start discovering the power of 5G and decode how to deploy and monetize
the 5G technology with first-mover innovations.