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  • In 2021 alone, AI adoption is estimated to create $2.9 trillion in business value and 6.2 billion hours of workforce productivity. Businesses have capitalized on new and emerging AI use cases to lead data to smart, impactful actions. With AI and ML, the possibilities of driving productivity and efficiency are abundant.  

    The challenge is – how to get there.

    InfoVision’s AI/ML application and consulting experts work collaboratively with you to identify the AI/ML use cases that hold the most value for your business. We help you weave scalability, flexibility, and customizability into your AI solutions from the first strand to ensure success against the biggest future challenges.

AI Consulting

Augment your workforce with stronger man-machine collaboration and re-imagined work processes with InfoVision’s Artificial Intelligence experts. We help organizations of all sizes drive business value by fostering AI awareness, formulating AI strategies, and spotting AI talent.

AI-driven Automation

As business and market context evolve continuously, the operation context changes too. With our AI automation services, optimize and automate workflows with in-built intelligence that helps operations to evolve along with the changes intuitively.

AI-driven Optimization

As IT infrastructure and operations reel under the demands of constant change, our AIOps services push intelligence into I&O, enhancing automation, diagnostics, and service management and improving the decision-making of I&O executives at critical junctures.

Computer Vision

We have a strong focus on innovation-oriented computer vision applications – from our proprietary cashierless checkout technology to smart AR applications – enabling businesses to serve up truly inconspicuous but exceptional convenience.

Conversational AI

Engage and retain customers with near-human intelligent and personalized interactions through intuitive chatbots and voice assistants. Our Conversational AI experts aim to do more – unearth the thoughts of the customers from the voice of the customers for actionable insights.

Data Engineering & ML

AI banks on data just as much organizations bank on AI to make sense of their data. By reinventing the data pipeline, establishing data governance, and deploying purpose-built ML and deep learning models, we enable businesses to productionalize AI with quality and agility.


Intelligent process automation, driven by robotic process automation, has shown over 4x increase in process capacity and 85% time savings. Find pockets of opportunities for intelligent automation and realize these benefits in real-time.

Infuse Intelligence into Your Business.

AI-powered drones for inventory management – Generate actionable insights by analyzing data from images, maps, floor plans, live industry setups, etc.

Object detection and image processing – Reengineer platforms and processes with object detection, classification, recognition, and tracking capabilities.

Smart chatbots – Leverage intelligent conversational platforms to interact with customers or service repetitive requests without human intervention.

Recommendation engines – Personalize customer recommendations by analyzing critical metrics, demographics, business rules, and customer context.

Risk assurance and fraud management – Secure shopping experiences by detecting and blocking fraudulent transactions in real-time with a self-evolving engine.

Data mining – Institutionalize data-driven decision-making by combining robust machine learning algorithms with analytical capabilities.

Deep learning frameworks – Process data from perceptual datasets with speed and scale to facilitate effortless man-machine interactions.

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