Leapfrog pilots and start creating reliable infrastructure with blockchain.

As multiple stakeholders converge to bring products and services to consumers, connecting them frictionlessly, securely, and transparently remains a major challenge. Visionary enterprises are leveraging blockchain to create intelligent business networks that foster trust and collaboration.

InfoVision is helping businesses adopt blockchain enterprise-wide, creating business ecosystems that build sustainability for the businesses, people, and the environment. Such resilient networks are driving operational efficiencies in multi-team collaborations, improving visibility over the chain of custody, enhancing risk response and compliance, and opening up brand new revenue models based on the network data.

We bring together a constellation of partnerships, affiliations, research associations, blockchain experts, and innovation consultants that enables businesses to distribute business value across various stakeholders through commercial models. We draw from these to build networks tailored to your business context, infrastructure, and strategic vision.

Ideation and Innovation

We help identify high-impact use cases, educating the business leaders about blockchain’s potential in various functions to help define and prioritize the transformation.

Strategy Evaluation

Get an expert assessment of your pain points, existing infrastructure, and network capabilities and discover opportunity pockets aligned to your goals.

Rapid Prototyping

Co-develop prototypes and MVPs in rapid cycles or draw from our library of blockchain solutions and accelerators to solve unique challenges.

Product Development

Partner with us to create packaged custom-built blockchain products with diverse applicability, resilient architectures, and the potential to evolve quickly.

Solution Design and Implementation

Co-design smart and forward-looking blockchain solutions and utilize our complex implementation management, hypercare, and rapid scaling capabilities.

Customization and Feature Enhancement

Our dedicated blockchain practice recommends and drives third-party integrations and add-on features on your blockchain network to hand you greater control.

Leverage your data to find your way forward.

Blockchain-powered supply chain – Our end-to-end supply chain management suite empowers businesses to manage inventory centrally- with granular visibility, provenance tracking, and add-on features such as demand forecast, audit support, and automated invoicing, among others.   

Tamper-proof audit trial – Leverage an immutable audit trail for finances of multi-party exchanges and infuse transparency into processes such as claims processing.

Secure chatbots – Deploy AI-powered secure chatbots for domains such as banking with blockchain protecting the sensitive information involved in the exchange with the customer.

Smart banking – Customize and adopt InfoVision’s proprietary AI-powered, blockchain-secured smart banking app fronted by conversational AI.

Personal Identity Security: Adopt InfoVision’s proprietary identity management accelerator to track, store, and utilize confidential identity information through a secure workflow. 

Blockchain-powered drone inventory management - Our DroneScan solution uses custom-designed auto-navigating drones to collect and transmit inventory updates feeding into blockchains.

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