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Cloud champions have successfully demonstrated how cloud has elevated them to leaders in their domain through cost efficiencies, operational nimbleness, and resilience with enhanced security. These advantages have enabled faster innovation, elastic scalability, and quicker time to market. The digitally charged dawn of this decade has only reinforced cloud’s significance as the foundation for comprehensive digital transformation. 

Although cloud offers disproportionate value when the migration results in a business-technology transformation, implementing cloud is challenging. InfoVision steps in with a proven hybrid, multi-cloud expertise combined with automated cloud management and migration tools to ensure seamless cloud migration and modernization, unleashing the full potential of the preferred cloud platform(s).

Our comprehensive suite of services (across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) spanning the entire cloud transformation lifecycle provides you with a strategic direction and a tactical approach for cloud adoption across public, private, and hybrid environments. We co-innovate with leading cloud partners and take ownership of improving your efficiency and resilience, while you get to focus on innovation and new growth models.

Cloud Migration Discovery & Assessment

Navigate through the cloud transformation complexity with a comprehensive discovery and assessment as the north star. We align your strategy to your vision with a 360⁰ evaluation of your IT inventory complexities and recommend the right cloud service provider and the apt target sizing to drive resilience, scalability, and agility to innovate at scale in the future.

Cloud Migration Planning & Prioritization using 7Rs

Reduce the time to value by prioritizing the portfolio against complexity and risk, leveraging the 7Rs approach (Retire, Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Replace, Refactor, Reimagine). We help build a feasible migration roadmap comprising of incremental migration waves that align with strategic objectives and maximize ROI through attention to interdependencies, architecture, data, and workflow.

Data Management and Engineering

Our comprehensive view of cloud migration thinks beyond applications, it also focuses on the data. Shifting the data’s center of gravity away from on-premise to cloud affects businesses substantially, especially impacting latency and cost. We help you rethink and deploy modern data platforms, data architecture, management, and governance to make the move frictionless and achieve a robust, high-quality, traceable, and trusted single source of truth.

Optimizing Cloud Utilization

InfoVision’s deep and broad spectrum of cloud expertise helps find and utilize opportunities to accelerate your ROI, mitigate risk, and maximize overall business value. Leverage our diverse experience to close every gap as part of our integrated strategy addressing scale, speed, security, modernization, and performance in one go. Co-develop cloud-native ecosystems and cloud-oriented operational models for high performance and build the capability to innovate at the speed of relevance.

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AWS and Azure implementation partners
Dedicated cloud and emerging technology practices for an integrated strategy
Cross-functional teams combining technology, business, and innovation perspectives
Strong partnerships to stay updated on best practices, tools, and methodologies
Automation and data-driven cloud migration to simplify the journey
Cost-effective migrations through early adoption of new execution models

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