Hold cloud to higher standards.

Cloud has grown from a niche competitive advantage to a core enabler for all aspiring digital enterprises. With a proven track record of delivering on its key promises of agility, innovation, and efficiency, cloud has become a critical component of most business reinvention strategies today.

And yet, many enterprises are unable to harness the full power of cloud. From data-driven hyper-personalization to shelf planning, cloud initiatives are as diverse as the cloud toolset. But the inertia against change and legacy mindsets have led organizations to backpedal on their cloud projects. What organizations need are definite cloud-based business outcomes, clearly targeted cloud-enabled differentiators, and a unified multi-dimensional cloud strategy to achieve both.  This strategy is what sets digital natives apart in their value-driven cloud adoption.

Irrespective of where you stand on the cloud maturity curve, InfoVision helps you level up to digital native cloud competency. Our comprehensive cloud transformation services is designed to deliver meaningful impact on key business goals and enable purpose-driven innovation. As advocates of the latest cloud technologies, we work with stakeholders across the organization to ease the transformation and accelerate the ROI on all initiatives.

Cloud Strategy

Chart a cohesive cloud roadmap to accelerate time to value with our 360⁰ cloud support ecosystem including industry insights.

Cloud Migration

Plan and execute a seamless and cost-effective cloud migration, avoiding common pitfalls such as security gaps and vendor lock-ins.

Cloud-readiness Evaluation

Get an expert review of your workload and co-design a best-fit cloud strategy, encompassing both modern and legacy elements for the optimal results.

Cloud App Development

Leverage our services and methodologies to assess and retire your aging, legacy apps, and build modern cloud-enabled applications.

Cloud Security

Create a tightly woven long-term cloud security strategy that lends you visibility and control while managing threats and triggering response and recovery.

Digital Workplace

Enable work-from-anywhere and offer the flexibility of time to your employees, empowering them to be at their productive best.

Drive a cloud-by-design strategy and accelerate your digital transformation.

Vast experience in cloud-by-design strategies
Dedicated practices for cloud, DevOps, and microservices
Cloud evangelists and serverless advocates in the leadership
AWS and Azure implementation partners
Contextual support from our R&D lab’s innovation consultants
Comprehensive cloud ecosystem services and consulting

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