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DevOps and Microservices have emerged as the top drivers of efficiency in enterprise development stacks. A combination of the two has enabled organizations to build, test, and deploy in rapid cycles and roll out features and value-adding capabilities continuously.

While many DevOps adopters traditionally started with monolithic applications, they quickly realized that decomposed services made DevOps drastically easier. The microservices architecture, where components that usually handle single business capability are loosely coupled, drives up release velocity significantly when used in the DevOps backdrop. While DevOps breaks down the silos that delineate development, QA, and operations teams, microservices offer better agility, scalability, reliability, and modifiability through composability.

DevOps and microservices underpin some of today’s most successful digital native brands, helping them deliver superior quality software at speed. They have shrunk the time to market while demolishing the vertically-scaled points of failure that could result in catastrophic service outages. With InfoVision’s expertise - distribute and diminish risk, increase speed, decouple scalability among functions, and fine-tune customer experiences.


Get expert help in creating a roadmap to continuous integration and continuous delivery of crucial business capabilities.


Leverage InfoVision’s extensive toolkit and dedicated practice to implement DevOps and break down the monoliths that impede your growth.

Strengthening the Enterprise Development Stack

Comprehensive cloud capabilities and diverse experience in containerized applications, Agile & SAFe implementations

Quality and Security

Minimize vulnerabilities and secure your lightweight DevOps/microservices-based cloud development frameworks with our DevSecOps and quality engineering services.

Cloud-native Solutions

Our advanced solutions and architectures demonstrate our capabilities in building containerized, microservices-based architectures through DevOps.

Evolve at speed and scale with agility and operational efficiency.

Vast experience in cloud-native application development
Dedicated DevOps and microservices practive
Advanced automation capabilities and partners
Cloud advocacy and advanced cloud implementations 
Demonstratable pre-built cloud-native solutions
Dedicated practices for emerging technologies

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