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In 2021 alone, AI adoption is estimated to create $2.9 trillion in business value and 6.2 billion hours of workforce productivity. Businesses have capitalized on new and emerging AI use cases to lead data to smart, impactful actions. With AI and ML, the possibilities of driving productivity and efficiency are abundant.  

The challenge is – how to get there.

InfoVision’s AI/ML application and consulting experts work collaboratively with you to identify the AI/ML use cases that hold the most value for your business. We help you weave scalability, flexibility, and customizability into your AI solutions from the first strand to ensure success against the biggest future challenges.

Business Process Automation

Transform processes across the organization, driving self-evolving automation across HR, Finance, Marketing, and other functions.

Applied Intelligence

Apply intelligence, combining AI and analytics, to business units throughout your organization to encourage data-led decisions.

AI Ops

Automate your IT operations with AI and ensure mission-critical systems remain up and responsive in the face of change.

Robotic Process Automation

Exploit the vast possibilities of automating tedious, monotonous tasks and redirect precious man-hours to higher value tasks.

Conversational AI

Enhance and monetize your customer interactions with intelligent custom-built chatbots and voice assistants.

Service Automation

Automate your ancillary services and get multi-dimensional visibility into processes that support your core functions.

Scale self-evolving automation enterprise-wide

Automation partners including UiPath
Experience with diverse use cases
Strategy, implementation, & management partners
Dedicated AI & emerging technology practices
Contextual intervention from our innovation consultants
Digital native perspectives on automation and innovation

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